Why do we read fairy tales?

Why, for the escapsim of course! Who doesn’t want to believe in happily ever afters, true love and Prince Charmings who will ride off with us into the sunset?

In the modern world, that means a man with a sleek looking car who will drive us off into the smog-covered sunset (if you’re living in the city) 😛

Fairy tales also give us something to believe in-that if we are good and kind and dream or wish for something with all our heart it will come true.

Recently, I’ve been having a tough time with school and my family. I’m worried about graduating this year, as I am currently taking the dreaded IB course. My family are also giving me a hard time, never really listening to what I say and ignoring what I want to do in the future. I’ve been feeling so low and depressed lately.

But then today, I saw the new Princess and the Frog movie and loved it! It was funny and romantic and inspiring! Thank goodness Disney decided to return to 2-D! But the movie cheered me up completely and restored my faith in working hard to achieve a dream close to your heart!

My dream is to go to England one day and experience the place I’ve only ever read about in romances and in Jane Austen novels 🙂 I know one day I will get my wish but I’m going to have to work hard to get there.

Some romances operate on this Cinderella theme as well. One that comes to mind is Samantha James’ s A Perfect Bride. A truly good book and one I will definitely return to again in the future.

I say today, we celebrate Happily Ever After and dreams coming true because they can happen! (We just need to keep believing)

Do you guys have any romances or movies you return to simply beacause they cheer you up and make you believe that happy endings can happen?


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