New Mary Balogh books!

At school, during a particularly boring study period, I decided to open my email box and have a look. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I discovered a newsletter from Mary Balogh discussing her new books for this year!

I’ve said it before that Mary Balogh is one of my top authors so of course I was excited to read what books were coming up. And believe me, I was not disappointed!The year is looking good for Mary Balogh fans!

To start things off, her new book Seducing An Angel is now out in paperback! Look for that on April 27th.

Now on to her *NEW* book! Squeal! That would be the conclusion to her wonderful Huxtable series, called ‘A Secret Affair’ (Oooo, sexy πŸ˜‰

The cover looks gorgeous and classy at the same time, a welcome change from all those women with their clothes sort of hanging off them πŸ˜›

Gorgeous cover below:

It’s due out May 18th in hardcover πŸ™‚

Then we have the reissue of some old favourites, that I’m eagerly looking forward to reading! It’s due out Feb 23rd! Another gorgeous cover:

Then in October, (and this is good, so brace yourselves) there will be a new anthology with her novella in it, entitled… (wait for it)

Bespelling Jane!

Yes, you guessed that correctly, it’s a paranormal novel based on the works of JANE AUSTEN (aka, my favourite author ever)

Ms Balogh will be contributing a story based on Persuasion, so we can expect a story filled with longing and yearning.

Lastly in November, A Christmas Promise, aother reissue willl be coming out. No cover as of yet, although if it’s anything like the first two int his post, they are going to rock!

For more details on the novels, visit the site below:


Mood: Belated (New romances make me this way)

Currently reading: Don’t Tempt Me by Loretta Chase

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  1. just finished a matter of class loved the surprised marybalogh’s books.wondering if mary will ever write about constantine in the huxstable series read them all except constantine just leave for home he bought after the last one seducing an book stores i see mary balogh & buy it.

    • She will write his book and it will be coming out next year in July πŸ™‚

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