Rogue in My Arms by Celeste Bradley

Setting: Regency


Laconic Sir Colin Lambert isn’t at all worried about the prospect of fatherhood–not if it brings the lovely actress Chantal back into his life! She refused him once, but now with little Melody to tempt her, perhaps she will return to him and be his wife at last!

The only problem is, Chantal has disappeared!

Prudence Filby isn’t as lowborn as she seems, but no one would hire a lady as a stage seamstress. Now that the obnoxious Chantal has fled without paying Pru, she doesn’t even have that income and her little brother Evan is getting hungrier by the moment! When the lovesick Mr. Lambert offers to pay her to help him find Chantal–and help him mind little Melody on the journey–Pru has no choice but to take him up on it!

Colin wants to fly to Chantal’s side, but with Miss Filby and the little ones in tow, he finds his way hampered by mishap after mishap. Along the way he realizes that the woman he wants is not the one he’s chasing!

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After reading the first book in the series (Devil In My Bed), I was already anticipating reading this one months before it came out. Sir Colin was introduced as a scholar and a man who’s funny and outgoing, a direct contrast with his friend/enemy, Aidan. When I read the premise for this book, I knew it would be good. A man searching for one woman while slowly and unexpectedly falling for another? I knew it would make for some juicy awkward moments and a great payoff.

Sir Colin was a great hero, not a rogue at all! He never tried to take advantage of Prudence, our heroine and always apologized when he couldn’t stop himself from committing well, a indiscretion. 😉 Sometimes it’s great to have a good hero amidst all the tortured ones out there. It’s a nice change. There’s something to be said for a nice, honorable hero 🙂

Prudence Filby was an awesome character as well and I loved how layered she was and how Sir Colin managed to find the lady under her coarse exterior. I laughed when I watched them bicker and sighed when it seemed they couldn’t be together (even though we all know they would eventually:p). They had tension to spare! I don’t think I disliked anything in this book, except maybe for Colin taking a longer time than he should have admitting he felt something for Prudence.

The whole idea of this book which is based around a three year girl is highly original and makes for some entertaining, true to life scenes 🙂 Little Melody is still as adorable as ever, and plays another role in bringing Colin and Prudence together. Be sure to pick this one up as you won’t be disappointed.

Sensuality Level: HOT 😉

Verdict-Hilarious, touching, sexy, romantic-This book had it all! There was even a touch of mystery in it as well. BUY IT, JUST BUY IT

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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