A Love to Conquer All-Legend of the Seeker

A couple of years ago, while one day searching through the icons on the wonderful website known as ‘Period Drama Graphics’ in a search for a new icon for my Skype profile, I came across intriguing icons for a program called ‘Legend of the Seeker.’

The pictures featured a beautiful dark-haired woman in a flowing white dress and an equally good-looking young man that seemed to be dressed in breeches and boots. Naturally, my love of period dramas alerted me to this and I was immediately intrigued. The two had great chemistry and being a natural romantic, I had to research the show immediately to find out what it was and who these two people were.

I ended up finding out it was a fantasy adventure TV program about a young man who is chosen by prophecy to be the next ‘seeker of truth,’ and whose destiny it is to defeat the tyrant of the tyrant known as Darken Rahl. He travels with young woman (who of course becomes his love interest) and a wizard who turns out to be his grandfather.  Sounded like a great show full of magic, romance, adventure and mystery. Exactly the kind of thing I like.

I got a hold of the first episode and contrary to what people will think, I did not like it. It seemed predictable and all too cheesy. The only good thing in the episode was our hero, Richard Cyper’s amazingly sculpted abs. The rest of the episode just seemed to drag on as Richard refused to accept his destiny for two long hours until he finally did at the end. The action scenes also involved alot of slow motion scenes which I slightly cringed at to tell you the truth. After being disappointed by the episode I debated as to whether or not I should continue.

Thankfully, I had the good sense to, though I did not particularly like the next two episodes either. The episodes (which are like mini-quests the characters face on the way to their main goal) were predictable and childish. It wasn’t until the 6th episode that I became truly hooked.

Up until that point, there had been very obvious hints about the lead couple’s feelings for each other though I had been un-impressed with the show so far, I enjoyed as they had the best chemistry I had even seen in TV couples. But episode 6 revealed an interesting twist. The two were doomed to never be together and so their love became forbidden. Kahlan, Richard’s love interest had the power of confession which meant that she could touch anyone and make them become her slave. This skill served her well during the mini-quests, but then turned out to be the huge barrier between Richard and her getting together. For Kahlan had to hold in a her power which was always present, so if she wasn’t careful and she allowed herself to lose control, she would end up confessing Richard which would ruin the quest.

Now everybody loves a story of forbidden love and I was no exception. I began to devotedly watch the show as I was dying to find out how the two could ever be together. They couldn’t even kiss without it being a hazard! Even touching was a potential danger. And they had undeniable chemistry which made for a potent mix.

Being a fantasy show, there was no definite time period although the costumes and the lack of advanced weaponry seemed to place it in about the middle ages.

I loved their story and luckily for me as the show went on, it kept getting better and better. By season two, I had become addicted to the show completely and longed for a new episode every week. Richard and Kahlan developed so much as a couple that I desperately longed for them to be together. They themselves soon understood that they could not be together in a traditional sense (and have children) but nevertheless they showed undying devotion to each other, and stuck with each other through everything. Now that’s worthy of a post on my romance site don’t you think? 😉

I also loved their story as it was so unique from other shows which seemed to focus a lot on the physical side of a relationship. Having a couple who were deprived of that and yet are still willing to stay together and be faithful to each other was… well, special. Their love went beyond flesh and seemed undying.

That’s why I decided to take the time to devote a post to what would have to be one of the best on screen couples in a long time, if ever. Here’s to you, Richard and Kahlan, and may you finally get what you long for–because no one deserves it more than you two. 🙂

Legend of the Seeker has two seasons and is currently in danger of not having a new season which is more the fault of the lack of advertisement, rather than the quality of the show. To join in the cause, go to the following website. Let’s not let the adventure end yet!





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    Don´t give up 😉

  2. We fight for our seeker.

  3. Your readers can find the latest announcements and updates at the Save The Seeker blog here on WordPress:


  4. Thanks for such a well conceived review of the show. Just by writing it you are helping our cause. I think there are still so many people out there who dosn’t understand that the show isn’t just fighting and magic every week.
    Hopefully this review will enlighten more people to what they are missing out on!

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