Slightly Scandalous by Mary Balogh

Setting: Regency


From feisty manner to long, tumbling hair, Freyja Bedwyn is pure fire, a woman who seeks both adventure and freedom. Adventure soon finds her on the way to Bath, when a handsome stranger bursts into her inn room in the middle of the night and entreats her to hide him. He is Joshua Moore, Marquess of Hallmere, a man with a hell-raising reputation of his own. They meet again in Bath, where sparks fly as two strong wills clash and each tries to best the other. But when Joshua needs sudden rescue from the matchmaking schemes of his aunt, it is Freyja to whom he turns . . . because he knows that only she is reckless enough to engage in a fake betrothal with him for the sheer fun of it. And fun it is until the Duke of Bewcastle, Freyja’s eldest brother, learns of the betrothal. And until passion blindsides them both. And until a danger more deadly than marriage threatens Joshua. But there is no doubt about the fact that it admirably suits both Freyja and Joshua to be caught up together in something very slightly scandalous…

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I was so glad when I found this book by chance at a bookstore, as I had read all the previous Slightly books and only had this one to go! This book didn’t wow me but it didn’t disappoint me either. It was just ok. I can’t say I completely fell in love with it as I did with others in the series, but it was still a good read, compared to other romances.

Freyja Bedwyn is introduced as a fiery young woman who is still nursing a broken heart. She hides her wounded heart beneath a mask of arrogance. I felt that this could have been elaborated on as this was an important obstacle in her relationship with the hero.

The hero was one of the major pluses of the book as he was charismatic, charming, witty and funny and one could not imagine why Freyja took so long falling for him. I think that was the biggest flaw in the book-the lack of conflict between the hero and heroine. I wasn’t engaged as it was clear from the start that the two were perfect and it seemed silly that they would try to deny the obvious fact. The use of a fake betrothal only served to bring them closer together and yet they still resisted each other, for no apparent good reason.

I enjoyed the start when the two meet each other but after they perform the fake betrothal, it went a little downhill from there. I think if Freyja’s wounded heart might have been expanded on, i would have enjoyed this book a lot more. As it was, I found myself itching for the ending. The book did pick up near the end, but was overall not what I normally expected from the usually winning Mary Balogh.

Sensuality Level: Warm (Short and not explicit)

Verdict: Just ok but don’t expect to be wowed.

Rating: 3 and a half starts out of 5


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