When Good Girls Go Bad…

Hey guys,

I thought I would indulge in a little musing tonight-partly influenced by the novel I am reading now which is about a nice girl (called Gwen) who decides being nice isn’t doing things for her, so she decides to try being a little naughty.

When it comes right down to it, all of us have a bit of the naughty inside us as well as the good-We can’t all be perfect saints after all, though we do try (Well, some of us do anyway :P). Sometimes it’s even good to explore that side of yourself as you can eventually come to know yourself better and with knowledge comes power!  Of course there is a limit-after all being naughty just means not following the rules and being a little rebellious. As long as one understands the limits, sometimes it’s good to let go, try something new and stop caring always what people think about you.

I personally experienced this myself as a year ago, I was pigeon-holed as a nice girl and I never did anything fun or daring and I always was always the obedient, ‘perfect’ child. Not that I’m a complete out of control wild girl now, mind, but I’m definitely more open-minded to ideas that I was completely against before. I discovered I had hidden talents. I also feel a lot more confident of myself and I understand myself better as by denying myself and placing restrictions on what I could and couldn’t do, I was denying my own self-growth, and allowing myself to not enjoy life as much I could have.

As with the heroine of the current book I’m reading, who learns more about life through her decision to stop listening to what others want of her and what she herself wants, I recommend all of you to stop always following the rules, and dare to do something different, something YOU have always wanted to do, as you never know what you could learn about yourself and what experiences you could have.

Life is an adventure. Go find yours!

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