Disney’s Tangled!

Hey guys,

I got to say I love Disney movies, and by Disney movies I mean the animated ones, not the mostly crappy, badly acted live action movies that pop out of the Disney teen star making machine like pimples -_-

I’m talking about the ones that are well-plotted, actually funny, and really mean something! I mean what’s not to like about feel-good movies that end happily, don’t involve gratuitous amounts of sex and violence and actually teach you something worth while? The last Disney movie I saw was The Princess and the Frog and omg, but it was brilliant! With the advent of the 3-D revolution, Disney is taking their movies to the next level, which is sad as 2-D is what Disney does best. I admit I had serious doubts about the new movie that is due out this November-A Disney animated movie NOT in classic 2-D? Could this be anything but a flop?

I’m happy to say that after having seen the trailer for Tangled (a movie based on Rapunzel), that my fears have lessened a lot. This looks like good Disney fare and with a fresh twist even. The hero is spunky and funny and isn’t a prince which is fresh and the story looks like a fun ride 😀 Though the heroine seems a bit too ditzy, I have faith that Disney will make her completely lovable!

Check out the new trailer below-I am so psyched for November now!


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  1. I’m happy to say that after having seen the trailer for Disney’s Tangled. I know that the romance novel addict is nice.

  2. just reading this blog is very interesting, I can’t wait to see the new Disney movie 😀

  3. I finally caught up with this film and managed to see it a couple of days ago and loved it!
    It’s a return to the old traditional Disney way of storytelling!!
    Great characters, lovely story, hummable songs… and an awesome baddie!!
    Check out my review: http://wp.me/p19wJ2-eQ

    • I just saw this movie last night at long last and I totally loved it! This one is gonna be one I keep rewatching I cant tell! 😀

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