Dying of Anticipation-A Raving Post!

Hey guys,

Judging by the results of the poll I posted up, I’m not the only one who’s waiting on tenterhooks for the amazing Sarah Maclean’s new novel to arrive. Yes, I realize that I have already done an anticipation post for her but as the day grows nearer, my excitement grows so bear with me 😉 The novel features the devilish and brooding Gabriel’s twin brother Nicholas who is definitely a major hearthrob in his own right. I’ve recently become addicted to the ‘good hero’ and Nicholas sounds exactly like the kind of guy I LOVE to read about!I’m sure you’ll all agree with me 😛

Sadly I will not be able to get the novel as soon as it comes out as the place I’m living in now doesn’t have that kind of availability. 😦 Rather tragic, really.

However, that doesn’t mean that you guys should suffer for my loss and so with it is my extreme pleasure to present a sneak peek of the new novel due out October 26th

From Sarah’s own website…

Ten Ways… begins with the following passage from a ladies’ magazine:

It cannot be denied that there is a veritable epidemic spreading among the young ladies of London—a tragic reality that ends in nothing but the very worst possible scenario.

We refer, of course, to spinsterhood.

With so many unmarried ladies in our fair city so unfortunately shaded from the brilliant sunshine of wedded bliss, tis nothing short of criminal that these promising young buds might never have the opportunity to blossom!

And so, Dear Reader, it is in the interest of public service that we have compiled a list of time-tested solutions, oft-proven to simplify the most daunting of tasks—that of securing a husband.

We humbly present, Lessons in Landing a Lord.

– Pearls and Pelisses
June 1823

And poor, poor Nick…Guess who is named the first of the magazine’s Lords to Land? You guessed it.  And because you guessed it, I give you the first line of Chapter One:

When the blonde by the door winked at him, it was the very last straw.


Thank you Sarah! Now if that didn’t get you excited, what are you doing on this site anyway? 😉

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