A Hint of Old Fashioned Elegance

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been kinda out of the loop for a while-Been very busy and it looks as if I’ll be busy the following week as well 😦

Just wanted to fill you guys in on a recent event that I attended recently which was a wedding of my father’s young cousin. Being a romantic, I naturally jumped at the chance to attend a wedding reception which would include a grand dinner at a fancy restaurant. I seldom get a chance to enjoy weddings and I believe the last wedding I went to was my aunt’s way back when I was 12.

After getting all dressed up (red for good luck-it was a Chinese wedding after all) I caught the bus into town and began the trip up the stairs (pretty grand with a chandelier and all). The dining room was huge and there must have been 40 tables in there! After joining table 14, and glancing up at slides of the bride and groom’s pictures, as well as a tall 8 tier wedding cake, the ceremony began. The MC welcomed everyone and then announced the arrival the bride and groom.

The lights dimmed, music played, and a spotlight was directed at the entrance where a beautiful archway had been built up. The bride and groom entered, followed by 2 flowergirls and I was enchanted. Completely and utterly beguiled by the sight. The bride had worn the most GORGEOUS and to die for gown that I had ever seen, real or otherwise! It was creamy, with a Georgian feel, a tight studded, beaded bodice and a frothy skirt that fell in layers and even had a train! The picture above and below were the only things I could find that had only a slight imitation of what the real dress was like. The groom wore a matching cream outfit but the focus was clearly the bride and her stunning dress. When the pair came walking toward the stage and near to where I sat, I was struck by the fairytale significance of it all-It seemed almost as if the two had stepped out from long ago, the prince and princess of a magical kingdom even! The bride’s hair was mostly up and braided through with beads (and decorated with a sparkly flower piece) with some of it coming down in curly waves. I was struck with a sudden determination-I HAD  to have a dress like that when I had my own reception!

After they had reached the stage and come down again, the dinner began. A few courses later and they were called up to cut the cake. Once again, I was struck by the beauty and elegance of the whole ceremony, and this later evolved as the couple poured the wine, fed each other cake, and shared a kiss requested by the rather enthusiastic MC. The whole night was just magical, almost like a moment out of time, something that just didn’t belong in our busy, modern, hectic life. The food was delicious as one would expect and I felt almost as if I had fallen back in time, to when things were slower, simpler and yet somehow more enchanting. The atmosphere was wonderfully romantic and soft and I think everyone must have been cheered up by the magic of it all.

Romance, great food, a magical and extravagant atmosphere… This was definitely a wedding Mr and Mrs Darcy would approve of.

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