Spotlight on Anne Gracie

I love it when a favourite author’s new book is released! Especially one as good as Anne Gracie who I discovered accidentally two years ago. Her romances are so well-written, you feel almost as if you really are there living out the characters’ lives! They’re romantic and heartfelt and can be real tear jerkers! Her chracters are real and fleshed out and her romances aren’t just focused on the romance alone as most are, but have lots of history strewn through. It’s a pity she doesn’t seem as well known as other authors.

I highly recommend you picking up a book or two of hers as you won’t be disappointed. The latest book (pictured at right) is the fourth in her Devil Riders series which concerns a group of friends just arrived back from war. What a lovely cover! This one concerns a friend of the Devil Riders known as Nash.

When Nash Renfrew wakes in the bed of lovely Maddy Woodford, he has no memory. In the days following his accident, he is charmed by her bright outlook on life, but he lives for the nights, when she joins him chastely-more or less-in her bed. When his memory returns, Nash asks for just one more night before he leaves. But it’s one night too many and it creates a scandal that leaves him no choice but to offer her marriage.
With five orphaned half-siblings in her charge, Maddy needs the security Nash offers and can’t resist the promise of passion she’s experienced in his embrace. Well born, but poverty-stricken, Maddy knows she’s not the wife he planned on, but he’s everything she’s ever dreamed of.
But will passion be enough? He’s a diplomat who knows Czars and Princes and Grand-dukes and she’s just a country girl who’s never even been to a ball.
Can their new-found love survive, or will this accidental marriage destroy her dreams and his career?

Due out-October 5th 2010

Find an excerpt here and more info here-

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