This would never have happened in Regency England: Electricity

What a lazy day!

Waking up at 2 and then milling around mostly on the computer and reading a bit in between… The end result? I accomplished absolutely nothing today when I so fervently promised on Friday I would!

After finishing one romance and then attempting to start a classic novel instead (in an effort to complete a 100-books-you-should-read list), I fell asleep, only to wake up discovering that both the electricity outlets in my room have stopped working. Which leaves my computer running on battery alone and means I’ll have to move my stuff outside if I want it to work.

Confound this electricity system! Apparently, there was a power surge because too many people were using the outlets outside in the common room so as a result, all power outlets (excluding thankfully, the lights) have stopped working.

Well, really, this would never have happened back then. Ok, I admit electricity wasn’t even invented until the late 19th century but this has made me realize how much we’re relying on technology, and how we really can’t do without it. What would happen if electricity suddenly stopped working? Would we have people wondering around dazed, their purpose completely gone?

One thing you have to give props to the 1800’s for-People back then could live perfectly fine without electricity and actually did worthwhile things with their time instead of wasting time on facebook and milling around the net, not really doing anything solid. If people stepped away from technology for a bit, I bet they could discover all sorts of things, not to mention have time to do things they always get distracted from because of said technology.

I hereby issue you all a challenge. Take a day off from using the computer, and see what you find. Comment below to share your discoveries.


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