One Night For Love by Mary Balogh

Setting: Regency


Neville Wyatt, Major Lord Newbury, impulsively marries Lily Doyle, the ethereal, untutored daughter of his sergeant in order to save her from danger and then watches her die the next day. Back in England, now the Earl of Kilbourne, Neville is about to marry another woman when Lily herself appears, miraculously restored from the dead. But is it a happy miracle? Can two people from such completely different worlds possibly find happiness together?

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Can Mary Balogh ever do wrong? This is yet another jewel read in her arsenal! I was hooked from page one and simply LOVED this story! I nearly teared up a couple of times and that’s always a  sure sign a book has hit close to your heart! Loved the characters, the setting, the plot, the love story-This one was a real emotional ride!

Lily is an great heroine-She’s brave and strong and so much wiser than her years. I loved how fleshed out she was and you could really feel her light spreading to the others. It’s easy to see how Neville fell for her. I liked Neville, the hero, as well but he felt a bit bland and could have done with a bit more personality. That was one of the minuses for me. He was too much of a perfect cut-out of a typical romance hero. But Lily and some of the minor characters like Elizabeth, Neville’s aunt, made up for it.

The book was divided into parts and I thought this was a nice touch. I liked how the story started in the present before flashbacking to the past when Neville married Lily and watch her die. The romance was extremely touching. Neville wants Lily still after so many years and yet now so many obstacles lie between them, both psychologically and socially. Lily is a commoner and does not know the ways of Neville’s world, which is far above her own. She has also returned from being a prisoner of war and has scars of her own. Them trying to find their way to each other despite this totally tore at my heartstrings.

The plot was well-paced, and though at times the writing was a little repetitive, the best part of this book was the emotion in it. This was definitely a more character-driven novel. Though some modern readers may find the class difference not a good enough reason for Lily and Neville to be separated, I felt it suited the feel of that time period, though there was one part that I found a little over the top. Yet, despite these minor flaws, this book is still a winner on many levels!

I will end by saying once again how highly I recommend this book 🙂 If you need a good, touching romance then pick this one up!

Sensuality Rating: Warm (Short and not explicit scenes)

Final Verdict: Brilliant! Add this to your must read list!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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