A Secret Affair coming Jan 25 in paperback!

Just checked hotmail and got a newsletter from Mary Balogh, saying her website is now updated with new books! šŸ˜€ A Secret Affair (Book 5 in the Huxtable series) is finally out in paperback! Which is awesome news for all of us who don’t have money to buy a hardcover (and anyway, paperbacks are so much more easy to carry around šŸ˜‰ ).

Here’s a blurb and link to an excerpt:

Constantine is in London for the spring Season, enjoying the company of his male friends and of his cousins, the Huxtables, now all married. But as usual he is looking about him for a mistress, some lady of class and refinement, probably a widow, with whom to enjoy some time until summer sends them their separate ways.

Hannah Reid, Duchess of Dunbarton, is free after a year of mourning for her elderly husband and has come to London for the Season. She is extraordinarily beautiful, and the whole of the ton, including Constantine, knows of the legion of lovers she enjoyed for years while her husband was still living. When she sets out to choose a new lover for the spring and fixes her choice upon Constantine, he is not flattered and is quite determined to resist her considerable charms. She is not at all his type.

But Hannah does not accept rejection easily, and Constantine can sometimes be persuaded to change his mind. What begins as a fairly lighthearted romp between two attractive, strong-willed protagonists, however, quickly develops into something far deeper and more serious as Hannah and Constantine begin to probe the dark secrets and vulnerabilities of each other’s lives.



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