A Night to Surrender by Tessa Dare TEASER!!!

Check out this tiny teaser from the upcoming new series! Can we say sexyyyy? 😀


“The question is, Miss Finch… what are you doing in this village?”

“I’ve been trying to explain it to you. We have a community of ladies here in Spindle Cove, and we support one another with friendship, intellectual stimulation, and healthful living.”

“No, no. I can see how this might appeal to a mousy, awkward chit with no prospects for something better. But what are you doing here?”

Perplexed, she turned her gloved hands palms-up. “Living happily.”

“Really,” he said, giving her a skeptical look. Even his horse snorted in seeming disbelief. “A woman like you.”

She bristled. Just what kind of woman did he think she was?

“If you think yourself content with no man in your life, Miss Finch, that only proves one thing.” In a swift motion, he pulled himself into the saddle. His next words were spoken down at her, making her feel small and patronized. “You’ve been meeting all the wrong men.”

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