The Ballroom Blog: The hottest romance blog yet!

Unless you’ve been living in a net-less state for the past month or so, you would have most certainly have heard of the new romance blog hosted by some of historical romance’s hottest names!

Gaelen Foley, Katharine Ashe, Miranda Neville, Sabrina Darby, Sarah MacLean and Tessa Dare have all joined up to create The Ballroom Blog, where it is advertised you will meet daring ladies, dashing lords and hear the most scandalous gossip!

Each ball is hosted by the formidable Lady B and her lovable parrot Albert and will feature previews pertaining to new books from each author, behind the scenes inspiration for each book and any little tidbit associated with the Regency period! Come join the fun now!

Hostess Extraordinaire Lady B and her faithful companion Albert

The RomanceDish just posted a new interview about The Ballroom Blog, where the authors discuss the blog and its inspiration! Click the picture below to view the interview!

A Regency Ball

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