Debut Author! Introducing Cecilia Grant

Love the sound of this new author and her debut book coming at the end of this year. She’s already gotten early praise from both Mary Balogh AND Eloisa James, so you know she’s going to be good 😉

Click cover to view book page!


When a pretty young widow enlists his help in conceiving a fraudulent heir, Theo Mirkwood knows exactly what to expect: pleasure and more pleasure, and the chance to bestow the sensual awakening of which any such widow must necessarily stand in need. What better diversion from the tedium of a parentally mandated rural exile?

Awakening. Really. Martha Russell is wide awake, thank you, and has more important matters on her mind. Armed with principle, fortitude, and a bone-deep certainty of her own righteousness on all occasions, she’ll do whatever she must to keep her estate, and housemaids, out of her brother-in-law’s hands—even if she must do it with a wastrel who can’t get it through his pleasure-addled head that their arrangement is strictly business.

They need a month of illicit encounters. They’ll be lucky if they make it through a week. But if they can keep from throttling each other, they might find that even the most unromantic of bargains can turn into more than either one bargained for.


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  1. This book looks SOOOO fantabulous!!
    I can’t wait to read!
    Thanks for sharing- this is fastly becoming one of my go to blogs for all the historical dish! I loves it!

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