Which debut romance do you most want to read in 2012?

After previewing the new debuts for next year, you must have chosen your favourite most anticipated romance!

Here are the links to the pages for each debut:

Anna Randol

Heather Snow, Jillian Stone, Samantha Grace

Manda Collins


Which is your favorite?

Vote below!


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  1. Truly unfair to ask me to pick just one new author’s story! They all sound wonderful so to make it easier I’m planning on buying all five!

    Since I could only check off one to vote I picked Heather’s because her’s is being released on February 7th, my 42nd anniversary!

  2. I vote for Heather Snow

  3. Heather Snow’s “Sweet Enemy”, without a doubt!

  4. I vote for Manda Collins!

  5. I vote for Heather Snow. Of course. It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this book to arrive.

  6. Heather Snow – Veiled Seduction. Heather is an awesome writer. Can’t wait to read it.

  7. Heather Snow for sure. I love her writing

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