Sneak Peek! Debut Author Maire Claremont!

Ok so her book won’t be out till this November but I thought I might as well give you a heads up on this latest exciting new romance author…

She describes her style as “Writing dangerously dark Heroes and the heroines that love them in drug and sex crazed Victorian London.”

Sounds delicious doesn’t it? 😉

And here’s the cover for the first book in her new trilogy:

Click on cover for link to Maire’s blog!


Lord Ian Blake failed to keep the oath he made to his childhood friend Eva that he would bring her husband Hamilton back from India. Though his heart longs for her forgiveness, he knows he doesn’t deserve it, as he is responsible for Hamilton’s death. And not only has Ian failed Eva, he has returned to England too late. Eva’s brother-in-law has locked her away in a madhouse. Nothing will stop Ian from saving the beautiful, independent girl he’s always loved and claiming her—at long last—as his wife.

Lady Eva Carin doesn’t think she deserves to return to society, not after the death of both her husband and young son. When her childhood friend appears in the dismal asylum for women to save her, she cannot ignore the hope that sparks in her heart. Against all odds, fate has reunited her with the one man she has ever loved, but he turned his back on her once before. How will she be able to trust him again?


Other links:

Goodreads page

Maire’s Tumblr

So what do you think? Worth a read?

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  1. Its hard to believe the way women had to live in Victorian
    times, the story sounds very interesting, and I like to try new authors once in a while, I would definitely pick this up and have a look.

  2. Worth a read? Are you kidding? Absolutely! I would love to read this book. Unfortunately, women and men were locked away as “mad” by people with “power” and these poor people suffered a terrible fate. Thankfully, we have a better understanding of mental disorders and using medication and counseling, people can go on to lead normal lives. Thanks for this post and question today.

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