The White Queen-A Fairytale Romance

white queen

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Any who tuned in on Sunday night to the BBC would have caught this lovely new 10 part drama debuting with all the trappings of a good historical drama, including a forbidden romance, a country divided by war, intrigue in the Royal Court and even some sprinklings of magic.

The story is based on Philippa Gregory’s series The Cousins’ War and concerns the three women who acted behind the scenes of one of England’s most memorable battles: The War of the Roses. The first episode introduced us to the ‘White Queen’ aka Elizabeth who is one of the major characters on the York side of the battle. I enjoyed watching her and King Edward meet and fall in love even if it was rushed through.  They had great chemistry and you were really invested with their romance. Who doesn’t love a Cinderella style romance? I loved the secondary characters especially Elizabeth’s mum who is part villain and part hero.

Of course they were some downsides especially with regards to the production value which could have been higher. Everything seemed a bit dull but then that was probably because we only got to see the poor side living their lives. I can’t wait to tune into the next episode where we hopefully get to meet more of the influential characters at the Court and to see more scenes between the newly wed Royal couple.

Here’s a quick video I made to celebrate my new favourite TV couple:


Have you seen this new series yet? What did you think of it?


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  1. Oh my goodness, I was unaware that this was on BBC. I will definitely have to tune in because it looks so good. Thanks for the heads up!

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