Great Expectations 2011 Music Video

Just recently watched the new BBC version and LOVED it! 😀 Captured the spirit of the book and managed to add some extra loveliness!

Naturally I loved the main couple (Pip and Estella) and as this is a Historical Romance site, I figured it would be within my rights to post this here. And hey, a little self-promotion can’t hurt, can it? 😉

So here’s my little tribute to one of literature’s best couples 😉
Enjoy, share and tell me what you think below!

For more information on this program, click here!


The New Adaptation of Great Expectations!

I can’t believe I did not hear about this sooner!

A new BBC One version of the classic Dickens story is now showing! 😀

This new version features Douglas Booth as our hero with the wonderful Gillian Anderson (Bleak House 2005) as the vindictive Miss Havisham.

Click picture to view the official BBC page!

Anybody seen this version yet? What are your thoughts? Does this version live up to the classic 1999 version with Ioan Gruffudd and Justine Waddell?

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Our Mutual Friend Fan Video!

Hey guys!

I finally finished my new video and uploaded it to Youtube 🙂 I loved this show and adored this couple and I hope you’ll enjoy this video and be inspired to watch the full drama if you haven’t seen it already.

So without further ado, I present my tribute to one of the cutest couples ever!

When the going gets tough… It’s time for Red Bull and Coffee!

Hey Addicts,

Sorry for the lack of posting recently-I’ve been very busy with meeting uni deadlines (an inevitability for a procrastinator like myself) but no worries, got loads of stuff planned for later. As usual expect book reviews and previews of next month’s books cause they’re gonna rock your socks off!

Also, you guys are the first to know about the new music video I have planned for the new BBC drama I just recently watched entitled ‘Our Mutual Friend.’ For those of you who have seen it, you can probably guess the couple I’ll be shipping hehe 😉 John and Bella had me from the first and I LOVED their love story 😀 Awesome chemistry-Such a cute couple and definitely worthy of a new video! So look forward to seeing that in the near future!

One of the cutest couples EVER and my new favourite couple of the moment:

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