Once Upon a Scandal by Delilah Marvelle

Setting: Regency England/Venice


Lady Victoria Jane Emerson left behind her girlish notions of romance when Jonathan deserted her without a backward glance. Now the time has come when she must finally choose a husband, and she has vowed to marry someone who will never break her heart.

Jonathan Pierce Thatcher, Viscount Remington, has returned home, free of all his family’s debts. Only to discover that by some miracle he has been chosen to vie for the hand of his beloved Victoria. To convince his only love to once again believe in the magic of love and the promise of desire will be his greatest challenge yet. And one he cannot fail!

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*This is book two in the Scandal series*


I ADORED this book! I think Delilah keeps getting better with each book she writes! This one was particularly interesting as the hero was the ultimate romantic and the heroine was the who was cynical and needed to be wooed by the hero. Once again, Delilah has penned another irresistible witty, sexy and addictive novel!

I gotta say I love it when the hero is the kind and honorable one-we got too many of those brooding, dark heroes out there 😉 But Jonathan isn’t without his share of darkness, mostly due to the fact that he ends up in service as a part servant/part whore to a wealthy Italian woman, in order to pay his debts. This was actually a real practice that went on at that time and very much intriguing as it places a woman in power.

Despite all that, Jonathan stays true to the one woman he loves and returns five years late win order to win her back. It’s very easy to believe that Jonathan could be both romantic and yet the perfect alpha hero! I love how he waits for and keeps his heart for Victoria and openly admits she’s his one true love. Now what woman doesn’t want to hear that?

Victoria was also a great complex character. I like how she was slightly cynical and you can totally understand how she feels when Jonathan suddenly disappears for five years. And having the guy woo the girl into falling in love with him was so sweet to watch.

I feel that this novel is more romantic than Delilah’s previous ones but it’s not without it’s spicy moments, which were very highly anticipated by this reader 😉

Delilah knows how to mix great, not often talked about pieces of history with a great love story and give it a sexy edge. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a fast, addictive good love story-history buffs won’t be disappointed either as the book is filled with historical goodness 😉

Sensuality Level: Hot!

Final Verdict: A fabulous book filled with everything you could want in a romance novel!

Rating: 5 stars out of of 5

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