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Downton Abbey

Being such huge fans of historical romance which most of you are, I thought I would let you know about a great new series that just recently started airing on itv1, in case you hadn’t heard.

Downton Abbey is a magnificent drama focusing on the lives of a upper class family and their servants, during 1912 in England.The heir of Downton Abbey has died, leaving the estate to a distant cousin (who is nothing like his glamorous relatives) who soon comes to live at the home, sparking all kinds of delicious drama 😛

The characters are well acted, the sets are grand, the costumes are gorgeous, the plot is thrilling-This is a first class period drama and no worries to the romantics out there-There are definitely some major romantic plotlines in this one 😉

I’m three episodes in and am well and truly hooked. The characters are all interesting and there isn’t a dull moment as you watch the servants scuttle to and fro doing their jobs, while the aristocrats are busy with dramas of their own. I find it intriguing, focusing on how the servants keep the house running. It seems behind all that lounging around on sofas and that languorous luxury is a lot of hard work and pairs of hands! And so many of them! Butler, lady’s maid, cook, upper housemaid, footman, butler, valet, lower housemaid, scullery maid to name some of the more prominent ones.

Everyone’s got their secrets and some of them are downright scandalous! I say that anyone with a taste for historical detail and slowly building tension/romance is sure to find this drama brilliant. I know I do 🙂

The Trailer-

Interested? Tons of information, including cast interviews and a gallery of pictures, are available at this site-

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