Love Sarah MacLean? You’ll love this new Avon quiz!

In honor of Sarah’s new release, the first in her new series, The Rules of Scoundrels, Avon has posted a cute little quiz where you can find which one of Sarah’s four heroes is the perfect man for you!

Click cover for the quiz!

I got Nicholas St. John, hero of Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord, which is perfect because I always had a thing for him 😉

So, who’s YOUR hero?

Comment below!

Why do romance novels have a bad reputation?

Here’s a great little video from top historical romance author Maya Rodale about the reasons behind the bad reputation of romance novels.

Turns out romance novels are considered revolutionary 😉

Watch, savor and be proud to be a romance reader! 😀

Happily Ever After-A Documentary on Romantic Fiction

Who says romance is bad?

Found this little gift on Youtube. Enjoy exploring the world of romantic fiction and learning about how reading romance is actually REALLY good for you. 😀

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