A Secret in Her Kiss by Anna Randol

A Secret in Her Kiss

Setting: Regency 1815


There is improper, there is scandalous… and then there is Madeline Valdan.

To the world, Madeline Valdan is a scandalous courtesan, with society’s most eligible gentlemen at her feet. But no one knows her shocking secret: she has never experienced the most intimate touch of any man. So she astonishes the ton by telling them the truth . . . and by announcing the auction of her virginity to the highest bidder.

Handsome and disciplined, Gabriel Huntford knows his time is best spent hunting down criminals from the darkest corners of London. As a Bow Street Runner investigating his sister’s death, he has no desire to join London’s strutting peacocks in this competition when there are more important tasks at hand.

Now, his quest leads him to one of Madeline’s “suitors,” so he agrees to help this sinful woman. But what begins as a business arrangement quickly turns into something more . . . and love blooms with a passion neither one expected.

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For her debut novel, Anna Randol writes an exciting adventure romance, with a daring heroine and a strong, protective hero you’ll love watching fight not to be together.

Unlike most Regency romances, this novel takes place in the exotic locale of Constantinople which automatically makes this something fresh in a genre that seems so limited in its choice of setting. I loved the detail and the descriptions of Eastern Europe; I could almost see myself walking the streets and smelling the market goods.

We’ve got a feisty heroine and a hero who is forced to protect her one last time. Both of them want out of their respective careers but are thrust together for one last mission. This results in a will-they-won’t-they romance as both try to fight their attraction even though it’s so obvious they’re meant to be together 😉 I enjoyed the hot tension and watching how their defenses came down the more time they spent together.

Besides the sexy romance, we’ve got an exciting spy adventure story which involves a murder, a secret code and bandits! This book keeps you thoroughly entertained as you follow Marie and Bennett as they try to solve the mystery-and stay alive.

All in all, a fantastic read from a new author. I look forward to reading more Ms. Randol! 😀

Sensuality Rating: Hot ;)

Verdict: A wonderful debut! Not to be missed!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Teresa Medeiros New Romance!

Loved The Pleasure of Your Kiss?

Then you must be excited for it’s sequel heading to bookstores in February of next year!

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Maximillian Burke has always prided himself on being the man every mother would want her daughter to marry. But after his scoundrel of a brother makes off with Max’s bride, Max discovers it’s more satisfying to be a rogue than the perfect gentleman. Forced to flee London after a duel gone wrong, Max seeks refuge at Cadgwyck Manor on the lonely coast of Cornwall, a place as wild and savage as his current temper. The tumbledown manor comes complete with its own ghost but oddly enough, it’s not the White Lady of Cadgwyck who begins to haunt Max’s heated dreams but his no-nonsense housekeeper.

The last thing prim and proper housekeeper Anne Spencer needs is a new master, especially one as brooding and gorgeous as the Earl of Dravenwood. Even as she schemes to be rid of him, she finds herself irresistibly drawn into his strong, muscular arms. When Max vows to solve the mystery of Cadgwyck’s ghost, he doesn’t realize it will put both of their hearts at risk and tempt them to surrender to a pleasure as delicious as it is dangerous.


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Which debut romance do you most want to read in 2012?

After previewing the new debuts for next year, you must have chosen your favourite most anticipated romance!

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