My Wicked Little Lies by Victoria Alexander

Setting: Victorian 1886

*Book 1 in Sinful Family Secrets series*


Evelyn Hadley-Attwater has it all—a genteel Victorian life replete with loving husband, ball gowns and elegant parties. No one, including the man she married, suspects that she was once “Eve”, a spy for England’s most enigmatic intelligence agency. Summoned for one final assignment, the excitement of her former life and memories of her mysterious, flirtatious boss “Sir” prove too tempting . . .

Adrian Hadley Attwater is a respectable, dignified gentleman. But even the most proper gentlemen have secrets of their own. Secrets from the rest of the world, from their families, from their wives. Secrets that have a price. Now, as the veil of secrecy frays, a tantalizing game of cat and mouse will test the bounds of unfailing love…

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Despite my preconceptions of this author and her last book, which I found disappointing, I decided to give this new book a shot. I thought the idea was fresh, intriguing and I absolutely adored the trailer. Plus, that cover was just downright irresistible and as much as I try not to be, I am a superficial reader. And while I wasn’t exactly blown away, the book wasn’t bad but it could have been better. So much better.

This isn’t exactly your typical romance as it starts after the happily ever after when the hero and heroine have fallen in love and settled down already. In truth, a more accurate term to describe this book would be a ‘reaffirmation of love’ romance as the conflict arises not in the courtship stage, but after the curtain typically closes in most romances, leading the hero and heroine to question their relationship and fall in love all over again. I really liked the idea of a heroine who is a spy and who keeps her secrets from her husband-it would lead to some interesting confrontations when the secret finally came out. The thing is, the plot progressed not at all how I imagined it, which normally would be a good thing but here ended up being confusing and somehow aimless. The main conflict isn’t what you expect and instead makes the hero unlikable for most of the book.

It started off very promising and the plot kept me guessing, but ended up dragging towards the middle and then it became unbelievable towards the end. The way the hero treats his wife is almost unforgivable and it would take more from me to forgive his uncalled for behavior. The only really good thing in this book was the secondary love story between the hero’s friend and the heroine’s friend. I loved their scenes and wanted more of them.

All in all, I really wish this book lived up to its magnificent trailer. What a great idea… but sadly not executed well at all. It was funny and it had its moments but it wasn’t as good as it could have been. It’s never a good thing when a trailer for a novel is ten times better than the real thing.

Sensuality Rating: Very Warm (Love scenes are short and explicit)

Verdict: Just ok.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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