First Look at Shana Galen’s New Series!

Right on the heels of her last series The Sons of Revolution, Shana is soon coming out with a brand new series called The Fallen Ladies!

Check out that gorgeous cover! đŸ˜€

Any thoughts about what it could be about?


Introducing the Regency version of Mr and Mrs Smith…

Get ready to be blown away…


Meet Lord and Lady Smythe, England’s preeminent spies. Their identities are guarded even from each other. After years of secrets and lies, their marriage is little more than a crumbling façade. But even love isn’t as important as The Mission—to defeat Napoleon Bonaparte.

But what happens when the mission is complete?

Meet Lord and Lady Smythe, out of work spies. Lady Sophia Smythe will scream if she has to attend another tea party. Lord Adrian Smythe will hit someone if he’s forced to while away another evening in Parliament. What are secret agents to do when the war is over?

There’s one chance left to get back into the game. The prime minister needs a murder investigated. The problem? Two spies. One position.

All’s fair in love and war.


More Details Coming Soon…


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