New 2 in 1 book by Mary Balogh! :D

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In The Famous Heroine, Lord Francis Kneller, heartbroken after the loss of Samantha Newman to the Marquess of Carew, agrees, as a favor to his friend the Duke of Bridgwater, to dance with Cora Downes, daughter of a Bristol merchant and protégée of the Duchess of Bridgwater. Cora reputedly saved the duchess’s young grandson from drowning, and to show her gratitude the duchess has brought Cora to London to find her a husband. Cora and Francis are more different than night and day, but after that first fateful dance circumstances force them into a compromising position once too often, and Francis, ever the perfect gentleman, feels obliged to offer her marriage. Cora, for reasons too complicated to describe here, accepts.

At the beginning of The Plumed Bonnet, Stephanie Gray is in a desperate situation. Twice robbed in the course of a long stagecoach journey, she has one coin left and a long way to go. She is wearing her own drab gray dress, but on top of it she wears a brightly colored cloak, and on her head is a garish bonnet with multi-colored plumes. Both garments come courtesy of a troupe of actors who took pity on her plight but were unfortunately traveling in the opposite direction. Stephanie, a poor governess to whom adventure has never happened before, has just inherited a home and fortune from the maternal grandfather she never knew and is on her way to claim them—if she can ever reach them. In the meanwhile the Duke of Bridgwater, bored and restless, is returning to London in his private and luxurious carriage after yet another attempt to divert himself at a house party. He is, of course, traveling the same road as Stephanie, and he is going in the same direction. And then he sees a bright bird of paradise in the most unexpected place…


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