Delilah’s Marvelle’s New Free Novella

By now, you all probably know how much I love Delilah Marvelle and her sexy, hilarious romances! Her new Rumor series is due out starting next year, but before that, she’s giving us a sneak peek into the series through an all new prequel! And the best part? It’s all free! Check out the gorgeous cover below!

Click cover to view excerpt!

Delilah’s Introductory Note:

Dear Reader,
In this Prequel, you will be introduced to a series of events that will drag you steadily closer to the truth behind a most
ominous rumor.  Rumor has it that in the year of 1800, a ten year old boy, British heir to the Sumner estate disappeared in New York City & was never seen again.  Rumor also has it that 30 years later, details pertaining to his disappearance
have resurfaced.  What will it lead to?
Only you, the reader, will ever know.  
Happy Reading,

Delilah Marvelle

July Preview: Improper Heroes/Heroines!

Looks like along with summer heat, we’ve got a selection of very improper heroes and one very improper bride! 😛

Check out next month’s scandalous reads that’s sure to heat up your summer…

Jennifer Haymore‘s new book!

Confessions of an Improper Bride

Click cover for excerpt!


Serena Donovan left London six years ago, her heart broken and her reputation ruined by devilishly handsome Jonathan Dane. Now, with her family’s future in peril, she reluctantly agrees to return to England and assume her late twin’s identity. The price? Marry a man she doesn’t love and spend the rest of her days living a lie.

Jonathan Dane, Earl of Stratford, has become an incorrigible rake, drinking, gambling-and trying to forget Serena Donovan. Yet the moment he’s introduced to the prim and proper “Meg,” he recognizes the sensual young woman who captured his heart. Haunted by his past mistakes, he refuses to lose Serena again. But convincing her to trust him is no easy task. Claiming his lost love means exposing the truth and destroying the life Serena has sacrificed everything to rebuild. With the future of all the Donovans at stake, and their undying passion capable of triggering yet another scandal, how much will Jonathan and Serena risk for a chance at true love?


And check out that steamy stepback-now isn’t that perfect for summer? 😉


And then we have 3 very improper gentlemen waiting to be introduced-move over you pampered dukes and earls, these men are street-smart, earthy and oh so sexy…

Improper Gentlemen Anthology

Click cover for excerpt!


Unsuitable. Forbidden. Oh-so-seductive. These gentlemen are hardly respectable. But they are the very best at being bad… What more could a lady want?

“To Match a Thief” by Maggie Robinson

Ex-pickpocket Sir Simon Keith can now afford the best of everything. But London’s most-desired courtesan is his lost love Lucy. Now Simon will need his wits and his considerably large…wiles to win his way back into her bed—and into her heart.

“Hair Trigger Palace” by Diane Whiteside

He rules Colorado’s most glittering gambling palace. Justin Talbot never does something for nothing. If daring Boston aristocrat Charlotte Morland needs his protection from a dangerous enemy, he’ll make her business his pleasure…

“A Knack for Trouble” by Mia Marlowe

Lord Aidan Stonemere didn’t go from prison to a title by playing by society’s rules. If he wants something, he takes it. Rosalinde Burke didn’t object to being taken. Once. To keep her from marrying a proper viscount, Aidan will do whatever it takes to remind her how deliciously good being improper feels…



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