Bits O’ Silk-Spotlight on Delilah Marvelle

I recently read a post about authors who are ‘below the radar’ meaning those authors that aren’t as well known in the romance world or are under-rated. This really struck a chord as there are some authors out there who deserve more recognition than they get. One author who is very wrongly under the radar is Delilah Marvelle.

Delilah Marvelle is an author who debuted her first book, Mistress of Pleasure in October 2008 as part of her School of Gallantry series.

I personally adored her novel and found it fresh, hilarious, witty and very sexy ūüėČ

Her second book, Lord of Pleasure was just as good, if not better.  It is such a pity then that her series had to end there.

Her publisher had decided not to publish the¬†remaining¬†books in her series. I say this is due to a poor lack of advertising on the part of the company as I only heard of her book when I came across it randomly. I’m glad I did. Delilah’s books are among the best romances I have ever read!

Thankfully, she now has a new publisher (who recognizes her talent) and a new series that will be released¬†next¬†year! Even better, it’s a back to back release meaning we will get to enjoy one book each month, three months in a row!

The books in order and release date are:

Prelude to a Scandal (Jan 2011)
Once Upon a Scandal (Feb 2011)
The Perfect Scandal (March 2011)

So far the only bit of information on them is that it is a series connected by a book known as the How To Avoid A Scandal, written by an Unknown author.

You can sign up for Delilah’s¬†newsletter¬†to learn more.

Delilah also has a great¬†historical¬†blog that focuses on the naughty aspect of history also known as A Bit O’ Muslin (which is the Regency slang for a¬†prostitute), the blog is entertaining and definitely contains a side of history you’ll never learn in a classroom! Posts include topics on¬†dildoes, condoms, and even the secret dirtiness in Shakespeare’s plays! Posts are published on the 1st of¬†every¬†month. If you want an education you won’t forget, click on the link below to get started ūüôā

Meanwhile, get a¬†chance¬†to check out Delilah’s first two books as I promise you won’t regret¬†purchasing¬†them. In contrast¬†with¬†her blog title, her books are real bits of ¬†‘Silk’ that deserve a place on¬†every¬†romance reader’s shelf.

I’m betting once her new series comes out, Delilah Marvelle will be a name every¬†romance reader will have heard of.

So read her first two books and keep an eye out for her new series-cause it’ll be worth it. ūüėÄ

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