The Mysterious Historical Romance Virgin Hero

Sometimes, you can get tired of reading of all these dashing men who are, without fail, amazing in bed. Then every so often a book comes along where the hero isn’t what you expect. I personally love these heroes and find them more exciting then the rakes because they are so much rarer and really hard to get right.

You have to make sure that despite the hero’s inexperience, he is still undeniably masculine and everything a reader would desire in a romance hero. Secondly, make sure there’s a good reason for him still being a virgin. An older guy who just can’t laid is just sad and not swoon-worthy at all!

My reasons why Virgin Heroes make great heroes:

1) His first is also his last

The heroine is the first woman he gets bed and once he falls madly in love with her, she’ll be his only for life. Something extra romantic about that, exp for a man.

2) That great mix of masculinity and vulnerability

Most likely our hero won’t know what he’s doing in the sack and that sense of vulnerability is all the more attractive, especially if you have a very dominant, masculine hero who’s confident in everything else 😉

3) That extra sexual tension

Think about it: a guy who’s a virgin probably will try and resist giving it up to just anyone which makes for some great tension 😉 Yes he wants her so bad but won’t give in 😉 Plus all the awkwardness that comes with the first time.


If you want to try some books with virgin heroes, here are my top recommendations:

1) Unclaimed by Courtney Milan


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What’s better than a hero who’s being chaste out of a sense of protecting women from becoming ruined and children from being born bastards? Pair him up with an honest courtesan trying to escape her old life… (by seducing him) and you have one steamy and delicious romance 😉

2) Untouched by Anna Campbell


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A thoroughly delicious hero who has been trapped on an estate his whole life and proclaimed as insane meets a woman given to him as a sex slave. how long can he resist her? Only one way to find out!

3) The Dangerous Viscount by Miranda Neville


Click cover for more info!

A bookish, awkward virgin hero who becomes smoking hot over night thanks to a makeover from his friends and tries to win the love of his life. Definite streaks of vulnerability and masculinity all mixed together for a great read!


Know of any other virgin hero romances? Share them below!

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