The Way We Live Now music video!

Dear readers,

I’ve just recently watched the BBC series The Way We Live Now (by Anthony Trollepe) and totally fell in love with the couple in the movie! Theirs is a story of forbidden love and is totally absorbing. Cillian Murphy who plays Paul Montague and Paloma Baeza who plays Hetta Carbury have instant chemistry and their love story is filled with all the drama a good romance needs!

As soon as I watched it, I knew I had to make a video for them and now I’m sharing it with you guys, hopefully to encourage more people to come and watch this great show. I always love a period movie and this is one of the best I’ve seen. Apart from the love story, the plot is engaging, addictive and it’s based on classic literature! 😀 For those Pride and Prejudice fans, Matthew Macfadyen stars in here and the talented Andrew Davies writes the screenplay.

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