The Dangerous Viscount by Miranda Neville

Setting: 1819, Regency

*Book 2 in Burgundy Club series*


She is determined to find a husband. . . now!

Lady Diana Fanshawe’s impeccable bloodline doesn’t stop society from laughing at the antics of her eccentric family. She knows a proper marriage is her one chance to make her way in the world—which is precisely why she will marry Lord Blakeney, though she’s certain she’ll never love him. But then she’s kissed by the brilliant and unconventional Sebastian, Viscount Iverley . . . and her well-laid plans tumble into disarray.

Sebastian wants absolutely nothing to do with love or marriage. But when he arrives at his hated cousin Blakeney’s house party, Sebastian is smitten by the tantalizing Diana. But Diana is “the marrying kind,” and Sebastian has no wish to risk his freedom—though the passion between them is hard to resist. Should the lady follow her heart in an attempt to win Iverley’s, though it seems hardened against her—or should she sacrifice her love for respectability?

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I love Miranda Neville’s books and after reading The Wild Marquis and getting a sneak peek at the hero of the next book, I just KNEW I had to pick this one up ASAP! I have such a soft spot for  the innocent or unique hero and Sebastian with his woman hating ways was perfect. I was so excited to see how Miranda turned this unlikable man into a bona fide romance hero of every girl’s dreams!

The result? A resounding success! I was immediately taken by Sebastian from page one when he falls for our heroine after glimpsing her pink silk stockings. 😉 Underneath all that aloofness was a shy and misunderstood man who had all the gems in place to be the man of Diana’a (and our’s) dreams. The joy came in seeing those layers peeled back to slowly reveal the kind, dependable, caring, and surprisingly strong man underneath. Sigh, I can honestly say Sebastian was the first hero in a while to really touch my heart 😀 And despite what anyone else might say, VIRGIN HEROES ARE HOT! There’s something about that innocence in a hero, who is usually mean to be the Eros of sex, that is such a turn-on! 😉

The heroine was harder to like though. Diana treated Sebastian horribly at first, making a wager with his cousin that she could get him to kiss her. But then, which one of us ladies hasn’t made the mistake of choosing of choosing the hot, sexy guy over the sweet, stable guy? In this way, she was relate-able and to her credit she does regret her mistake and begins to see Sebastian as much more worthy of her attention and love. I couldn’t help feeling though that Sebastian deserved a little better than her. Maybe just unwarranted jealousy on my part 😉

This was a unique romance in that you never quite knew what was going to happen next. It was unpredictable and because of that (and Sebastian :P) I stayed up all night to try and finish this! There were twist and turns and I just felt this was a very REAL romance which make it hard for some people to like. This wasn’t your fairytale romance with the perfect prince and princess who fall in love at first sight but two very real people who find love with each other after a lot of struggle and mistakes.

Ms. Neville is a very talented writer who just keeps getting better with every book. Can’t wait for her new book which will feature a Regency dandy… who loses his clothes!

Whether you’re a romance addict or new to the genre, you’re sure to take to this smart, sexy and real romance!

Sensuality Rating: Pretty warm (Quite a few  short though explicit scenes)

Final Verdict: Awesome! One of the best and most unique romances in a long while!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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