Sarah MacLean New Book Cover Revealed!

Ahh! Simply stunning! ūüėÄ

No Good Duke

And it’s now¬†available¬†for pre-order too!

Click the cover to view the Amazon page and here to view the Goodreads page!


In NO GOOD DUKE GOES UNPUNISHED, the mysterious Temple is at best an inveterate womanizer who ruined his father’s future duchess, and at worst, a cold-blooded killer who murdered his future stepmother. 

No one has seen Mara Lowe since she disappeared from her bedchamber on the morning of her wedding twelve years ago‚ÄĒleaving behind a drunken Temple. Despite vehement claims of innocence, Temple was exiled from society, stripped of his funds and left to survive on his own.¬†

He is the brawn behind the Fallen Angel club, and has given up on ever returning to society, until the missing Mara shows up and begs for his help.


Can’t wait to hear more about this book! ūüėÄ

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

Look what I found! Ok, I know this is a little irrelevant but I figure there’s a good chance most of us historical junkies are also big Austen fans. Well, you’re gonna love this new set of online videos that feature a updated version of Pride and Prejudice narrated by a modern Lizzie Bennet.

Try one and I promise you’ll be hooked ūüėČ

Main Channel:

Regency House Party-Must watch for HR lovers!

I can’t believe this show exists! Imagine a reality dating show where 10 singles dress up and try to find love in a regency themed house party! Loads of fun and lots of things to learn! If you love Jane Austen, this is a must see.

Below is part 1 of 36. To see the rest, click on the video to get to Youtube.

OMG, Where will I put all these books?

My book pile is huge.

No joke. I have piles of books stacked up in my case and it just keeps getting fuller.

Sometimes¬†I wish I wasn’t so obsessed with reading. For one thing I would have more money to spend and for¬†another¬†I would¬†have¬†more place to put my things instead of having stuff piled on the floor for lack of shelf space.

Worse thing is, alot of the books I haven’t even read! I just keep buying them-at least one every week and other times three at once.

It’s the curse of the romance reader.

I’m sure you all share the same feeling. Buying endless¬†books¬†after another and then¬†finding¬†more to buy; I¬†have¬†to say, the people in the romance industry must make a lot of money off all the books they sell. Not to sound bitter or anything.

It’s those darn covers! With¬†their¬†tempting pictures of sexy men in breeches or¬†classy¬†looking¬†women wearing gorgeous gowns or even some sexy clinch. I’m often¬†tempted¬†to buy a book cause of the cover alone! Darn those marketing people-They’re evil! (No I’m kidding I love your covers)

My TBR pile has got 11 books on it. Eleven. And some of them have been there since last year-as I keep buying more to read. Sometime in the future, I will show you all my massive romance collection.

I always¬†feel obliged to buy books sometimes simply cause it’s part of a series and sometimes it’s cause it’s an author I love. Other times it’s buying new books cause of rave reviews or fresh premises. Which of course ends up being put on my to-buy list and then meaning more books to fill up my already tight bookcase.

Just recently, I¬†committed¬†myself to¬†Kathryn¬†Caskie’s 7 book Sin series as well as this year’s¬†Sara¬†Lindsey’s¬†Weston¬†family 7-book series. Once I start a series, I feel obliged to end one which now means about 12 more books to my book shelf. Sigh***

And let’s not mention my huge to buy¬†author¬†list which includes¬†Mary¬†Balogh, Anna¬†Campbell,¬†Tessa¬†Dare, Celeste¬†Bradley, Courtney Milan, Miranda Neville. And that’s only the top ones.

I’ve checked my calendar and¬†apparently¬†there are 5 books coming out¬†next¬†week on May 25th which I plan to buy. And I still have eleven I¬†haven’t¬†touched!

With so many books to buy, where will I end up putting them all? I’m thinking I should have a library when I get my home to keep all these books cause I can’t bear to throw any of them out. But now? Maybe clearing my¬†wardrobe¬†would be a good idea?

What about you guys? Do you have similar problems? And if so, how do you deal with it? I’ll love to hear from you-We can wallow in our cluttered bedrooms ūüėÄ

New Mary Balogh books!

At school, during a particularly boring study period, I decided to open my email box and have a look. Imagine my surprise and happiness when I discovered a newsletter from Mary Balogh discussing her new books for this year!

I’ve said it before that Mary Balogh is one of my top authors so of course I was excited to read what books were coming up. And believe me, I was not disappointed!The year is looking good for Mary Balogh fans!

To start things off, her new book Seducing An Angel is now out in paperback! Look for that on April 27th.

Now on to her *NEW* book! Squeal! That would be the conclusion to her wonderful Huxtable series, called ‘A Secret Affair’ (Oooo, sexy ūüėČ

The cover looks gorgeous and classy at the same time, a welcome change from all those women with their clothes sort of hanging off them ūüėõ

Gorgeous cover below:

It’s due out May 18th in hardcover ūüôā

Then we have the reissue of some old favourites, that I’m eagerly looking forward to reading! It’s due out Feb 23rd! Another gorgeous cover:

Then in October, (and this is good, so brace yourselves) there will be a new anthology with her novella in it, entitled… (wait for it)

Bespelling Jane!

Yes, you guessed that correctly, it’s a paranormal novel based on the works of JANE AUSTEN (aka, my favourite author ever)

Ms Balogh will be contributing a story based on Persuasion, so we can expect a story filled with longing and yearning.

Lastly in November, A Christmas Promise, aother reissue willl be coming out. No cover as of yet, although if it’s anything like the first two int his post, they are going to rock!

For more details on the novels, visit the site below:


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