IB Stressin’

Sorry I haven’t been able to post in a while but I’ve been very busy lately. I haven’t had time to barely read anything although I’ve been snatching time to read bits here and there. Still halfway through Promise Me Tonight and hopefully will have a review out sometime next week.

But seriously, IB KILLS. I’m two months away from graduating and it currently turning into my own personal version of  Sisyphus’s hell (Just picture me rolling up mounds of IB work up a giant hill and then getting crushed and pushed down by more work).

I’m beginning to understand how this guy feels–


I don’t even drink coffee but recently it’s come in handy and I’m probably going to need it next week as it’s my mock exams. Of course naturally one doesn’t have time to think about mock exams when there’s other internal assignments from other classes! And then after that is the CAS Presentation and then revision for the REAL exams (Gulp) And my TOK Presentation!

Tomorrow is the Mandarin Oral Presentation and oh my god I’m nervous! As usual, I’m postponing it only my excuse is to now get all distractions out of the way so that I can practice non-stop.

So if you see that person on the street that looks like they haven’t slept in a week, say hi because that person is probably a friend of mine 😛

Mood-Stressed out and might just die :O

Currently readingPromise me Tonight by Sara Lindsey

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