Hey everyone! Welcome to the blog that discusses historical romance novels set in the 1800’s! I’m a huge fan of the Regency period in particular, although any novel set in the 1800’s catches my attention! This blog will not only include reviews but it will also include random thoughts on the elusive topic of love and romance… So enjoy!

Some of my favourite romance authors that I’ll be talking about-

  1. Mary Balogh
  2. Anna Campbell
  3. Annie Gracie
  4. Delilah Marvelle
  5. Jacquie D’Alessandro
  6. Christine Wells
  7. Samantha James
  8. Eloisa James
  9. Christie Kelley
  10. Emma Wildes
  11. Donna Macmeans

Of course there are other authors out there that I have yet to discover-among them are Lorraine Heath, Jennifer Ashley, Miranda Neville, Michelle Marcos, Suzanne Enoch, and Victoria Alexander.

How to read the the ratings…

The books will have ratings based on sensuality, plot, humor and romance. Sensuality mainly refers to how…indelicate…the love scenes in the book are. The plot rating is how interesting the plot was. Humor refers to how funny the book was. Romance is not just how romantic the story was but how the love story was handled.

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  1. You have a very detailed working knowledge of historical romances and their authors. I wonder if you could help me figure out who an author I have previously read is, so I can check out if she is writing more in this series. The gentlemen are a group of friends who are titled men with earls and at least one duke. The book I first read starts out with an earl and a duke in a carriage going to their country estate, but they almost run over a young girl on the side of the road. She loves horses and is one of 5 or more sisters, including a set of twins, whose mother died at her birth and they live with their studious father in the country. The oldest sister is non-married, but this book is about the second sister who is approached by the visiting earl at a dance assembly where they dance first and then the older sister is told about her younger sister’s accident. He decides she is the one and proceeds to court her even though she has no desire to marry. The action moves to the season in London and another earl’s brother places a bet at White’s which humiliates the this book’s hero,but they overcome and marry. The next book is about one of her sister’s who marries the guy who bets on her sister’s relationship in the first book I read and he is now reformed because he inherited a title as a marquis. The youngest sister hurt by the horses in the first book swears she will marry the duke. What is the author and what are the names of these 2 books I read in 2009 or 2010. Thank you.

    • To me, this series sounds a lot like the main premise behind Mary Balogh’s Huxtable series. 3 sisters and the second sister is forced to marry a duke she met at a village assembly, while the younger sister is forced into marriage with his friend after being openly betted on. The titles are First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Seduction and At Last Comes Love. The remaining two books about the male relatives are Seducing An Angel and A Secret Affair.

      Hope I helped!

  2. How do I get a hold of you if I would like to put in a review request? I searched for an email or a contact page but couldn’t find one. Thanks

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