Romances Coming in July 2013!

Summer is officially here! Or if you live in Australia like I do then it’s almost the middle of winter, boo hoo! Well, either way, there are loads of great books to keep you happy (or warm!) this month!

1) Out July 1 *Book 3 in Ladies in Waiting series*

Lady of Quality


Miss Catherine Hart may be merely a paid companion, but she’s the loveliest creature baron Lord Winston has ever encountered. The only obstacle is determining the mysterious Miss Hart’s social pedigree before the handsome diplomat can court her in earnest.

Revenge, not romance, led Catherine Du Coeur to hide her aristocratic name and seek out the man who accused her father of treason. She expected a coldhearted cad, but Winston appears honorable and compassionate. Against all odds, Catherine is drawn to the very adversary she intended to ruin. And soon both will face a choice—one involving pride, old loyalties and forgiveness.

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2) Out July 2 *Book 3 in Reckless Brides series*

Scandal in the Night


Assuming a false identity as a prim and proper governess, the bold and beautiful Cat Rowan thinks she has finally escaped the wild misadventures of her past—and the wickedly handsome spy who seduced her in India. Imagine her surprise when her employer introduces his brother: the very same cad who destroyed her heart!

The Honorable Thomas Jellicoe cannot believe his eyes when he sees his beloved Cat—the Scottish beauty who nearly jeopardized his mission in India. Disguised as a horse trader from the bazaars of the Punjab, the British spy risked his life for one night of passion in her arms. But here and now—breaking all rules of decorum—one heated kiss ignites a flurry of gunfire. For their enemies have followed them home. And love is the greatest danger of all…

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3) Out July 2 *Book 4 in Lonely Lords series*



Beckman Haddonfield is ready to live again…

Beckman finally emerges from the shadow of his wife’s death by agreeing to restore a family estate…and embarking on a dalliance with the quiet, mysterious housekeeper who resides there. But she is not who she seems…

Riveting and refreshing, Beckman is an unforgettable story about love’s power to overcome grief and guilt. Award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes’s gorgeous writing and lush Regency world will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

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4) Out July 2

Scottish Mistress


When newly widowed Lady Fiona Libourg flees to Scotland in need of protection, Lord Gavin McLendon is powerless to refuse the British beauty. Especially when she offers herself in exchange. Now the brooding Scottish warrior can think of nothing else but ravishing his delectable new mistress, even though he’s duty bound to marry another…

Fiona is shocked when Gavin accepts her scandalous offer-and fretful at the thought that he will discover how little she knows of seduction. But when Gavin proves to be a skilled and achingly sensuous teacher, Fiona doesn’t want their passionate arrangement to end. Now she can’t help but wonder just what it would take to go from Scottish mistress…to Scottish wife.

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5) Out July 2 *Book 6 in The Rogues’ Dynasty series*

Rogue Steals a Bride


Matson Brentwood has finally met the woman of his dreams. The lovely, red-haired Sophia Hart heats his blood like no other lady. Her alluring countenance has stopped him dead in his tracks. But no matter how attracted he is to her, he can’t give into his desire to possess her in every way because she is the ward of the man he’s sworn to hate.

Newly arrived in London, Miss Sophia Hart is in need of a husband, but not for herself. She has twin, spinster aunts and one of them has decided she wants a man. Sophia agrees to help her aunt by allowing older gentlemen to call on her and then make sure Auntie spends more time in the gentleman’s company than Sophia does. But when Sophia meets the darkly handsome and intriguing Mr. Matson Brentwood, she knows that for the first time, she in danger of losing her heart.

But there’s more than just an adversarial guardian and a long list of beaus standing between Sophia and Matson. Sophia promised her dying father she would honor his lifelong plan for her as an heiress and marry a titled gentleman. Matson isn’t titled so she must deny her love for him and make up to her father for costing him the love of his life.

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6) Out July 2 *Book 4 in Ministry of Marriage series*

London's Last True Scoundrel



Physically reckless, irrepressibly roguish, and poised on the brink of ruin, Jonathon Westruther, Earl of Davenport, returns from the dead only to throw himself into dissipation. Until he meets his worst nightmare: a straitlaced former schoolteacher he can’t get out of his head. He resolves to seduce the delightful Miss Hilary deVere by fair means or foul. But when his past returns to endanger Hilary, he must protect her at all costs…


Dismissed from her post at a ladies’ academy because of prejudice against her uncouth family, Hilary will do anything to avoid going back to live with her loutish brothers. She longs for a London season to show the world a deVere can behave with utmost decorum and to find a respectable husband. Everything about Lord Davenport appalls her but desperation makes strange bedfellows. To get to London, Hilary strikes a bargain with the devilish Davenport, confident that she’s immune to his charm. But as she discovers surprising depths beneath his rakish surface, this infamous scoundrel becomes more temptation than even the most proper lady can withstand…

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7) Out July 2 

Under the Same Sky


Maggie Johnson has been gifted with “the Sight” ever since she was a child. Her dreams bring her visions of the future, and of a presence she knows is real. She calls him Wolf, and has seen him grow alongside her from a careless young boy into a fearsome warrior. And when her life is torn asunder by unspeakable tragedy, he is her only hope.

Andrew MacDonnell is entranced by the vision of a beautiful woman who has always dwelt in his dreams. When war ravages his land and all he has ever known, he leaves the Scottish Highlands on a perilous journey to the New World to find her, knowing that their only chance of survival is with one another.

Their quest to find each other across a treacherous wilderness will test the limits of courage and endurance, guided only by their dreams–and by the belief in the true love they share.

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8) Out July 2 *Book 1 in Ladies Unlaced series*

In the Arms of the Heiress


Independent heiress Louisa Stratton is going home to Rosemont for the holidays and, at the family’s request, she’s bringing her new husband Maximillian Norwich, art connoisseur and artful lover, the man she’s written of so glowingly. There’s one hitch—he doesn’t exist. Louisa needs a fake husband, and fast, to make the proper impression.

Charles Cooper, captain of the Boer War and with a background far from silver spoons or gilded cages, is so hard up that even Louisa’s crazy scheme appeals to him. It’s only thirty days, not till death do them part. What’s so difficult about impersonating a husband, even if he doesn’t know a Rembrandt from a Rousseau?

The real difficulty is keeping his hands off Louisa once there’s nobody around to see through their ruse. And then there’s the small problem of someone at Rosemont trying to kill him. Keeping his wits about him and defending Louisa brings out the honor he thought he’d left on the battlefield. But when Louisa tries to protect him, Charles knows he’s found a way to face his future—in the arms of his heiress.

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9) Out July 23 *Book 2 in Ladies of Impropriety series*

A Lady Dares


According to society, I, Elise Sutton, haven’t been a lady for quite some time—a lady couldn’t possibly run the family company and spend her days on London’s crowded, tar-stained docks. And she most certainly wouldn’t associate herself with the infamous Dorian Rowland—privateer, smuggler and the Scourge of Gibraltar himself! 

But I need Rowland and his specialized expertise—especially with the wolves circling, waiting for me to fail. I yearn to feel alive, and Rowland, who can kiss like the devil, inflames my senses and makes me dare to break free…. 

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10) Out July 23 *Book 1 in Season of Secrets series*

Not Just a Governess



Darkly delicious Lord Adam Hawthorne doesn’t care a whit for society-especially the tedium of finding a wife. So taking on a new governess for his young daughter shouldn’t shake his steely disposition! 


Except Mrs. Elena Leighton, an enigmatic widow, is a most intriguing addition to the household. What are those ladylike airs and graces beneath her dowdy exterior? 

Despite great impropriety, Lord Hawthorne is compelled to discover the real Elena-no matter what secrets are unveiled along the way…. 

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11) Out July 30 *Book 6 in Inferno Club series*

My Notorious Gentleman


Shy, warm-hearted Miss Grace Kenwood knows she has no chance of tempting her new neighbor, Lord Trevor Montgomery. Every eligible beauty is swooning over the brooding former spy. Even though he once kissed her senseless, he can have no interest in someone like her. Yet somehow, the seductive rogue unleashes her own inner devil…

Every lady loves a hero, but Trevor has no interest in any of them— except for the refreshingly candid Grace. If he had a heart left, Grace might steal it. She insists he’s better than he thinks. He’s sure she’s absolutely wrong. Until danger threatens, and Trevor rediscovers how easy it is to be a hero…for the right lady.

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12) Out July 30 *Book 3 in Forgotten Princesses series*

How to Lose a Bride in One Night


When Annalise Hadley is tossed over the side of her honeymoon barge, the newly-minted duchess knows she’s been left for dead — for her husband’s only interest is in her vast dowry, not her muddied lineage. However, she didn’t count on a savior. Especially not an honorable, sinfully intriguing earl who will tempt her to risk everything—again.

A man with his own demons, Owen Crawford, the reclusive Earl of McDowell, is enchanted by the mysterious, courageous woman he rescued. He will help her heal, teach her to protect herself, and then send her away—so that she’ll never see he’s far from the hero she believes him to be.

But days and nights alone prove that some secrets are meant to be discovered…some desires are too powerful to resist…and some wounds can only be healed by love.

13) Out July 30 *NEW SERIES*

Love and Other Scandals


Joan Bennet is tired of being a wallflower. Thanks to some deliciously scandalous—and infamous—stories, she has a pretty good idea of what she’s missing as a spinster. Is even a short flirtation too much to ask for?

Tristan, Lord Burke, recognizes Joan at once for what she is: trouble. Not only is she his best friend’s sister, she always seems to catch him at a disadvantage. The only way he can win an argument is by kissing her senseless. He’d give anything to get her out of her unflattering gowns. But either one of those could cost him his bachelor status, which would be dreadful—wouldn’t it?

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14) Out July 30 *Book 1 in Clan Sinclair series*

The Devil of Clan Sinclair


For Virginia Traylor, Countess of Barrett, marriage was merely the vehicle to buy her father a title. Widowhood, however, brings a host of problems. For her husband deliberately spent the money intended for Virginia and her in-laws, leaving them penniless—unless she produces an heir. Desperate and confused, Virginia embarks on a fateful journey that brings her to the doorstep of the only man she’s ever loved…

He’s known as The Devil, but Macrath Sinclair doesn’t care. He moved to a tiny Scottish village in hopes of continuing his work as an inventor and starting a family of his own. He bought the house; he chose the woman. Unfortunately, Virginia didn’t choose him. Macrath knows he should turn her away now, but she needs him, and he wants her more than ever. Whatever game Virginia’s playing, Macrath intends to win—one wickedly seductive deed at a time…

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15) Out July 30 *Book 1 in Scottish Brides series*

The Lady and the Laird


Lady Lucy MacMorlan may have forsworn men and marriage, but that doesn’t mean she won’t agree to profit from writing love letters for her brother’s friends – letters that become increasingly racy as her fame grows. That is, until she deliberately ruins the betrothal of a notorious laird, Robert, Marquis of Methven. 

Past centuries of bloodshed have left the Methven and MacMorlan families bitter enemies and Robert is furious that Lady Lucy’s letters have cost him the bride he needs so urgently to save his ancestral clan lands. Now he makes Lucy a shocking proposal;  in return for his silence she must become his wife and provide him with the heir he needs. It is an inconvenient marriage of convenience but can the rugged laird and the bluestocking beauty fight against the power of love?

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16) Out July 30

Hers at Midnight



Some call him Gentleman Jack. The papers prefer Swift Nick. The only name Jack Nevison never uses is the one left to him by his abusive aristocratic father. Jack wants nothing to do with his heritage; instead, he preys on the wealthy, stealing coin (and the occasional kiss) on England’s darkest roads. Jack’s dangerous deeds are legend, yet the thrill of a highwayman’s life is growing cold…until he meets Arabella.


Beautiful and bold, Arabella Hamilton may come from the world Jack despises, but she’s a kindred spirit at heart. Their attraction is immediate and consuming, and with each encounter they risk more. Yet they remain on opposite sides of the law…and society. To be together, one of them will have to give up their world forever.

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17) Out July 30 *Book 2 in Worthington series*

And Then Comes Marriage



After years of being a quiet, dutiful wife, the recently widowed Mrs. Miranda Talbot is finally free to do as she pleases. As an attractive woman of independent means, Miranda is suddenly turning heads all around town. When she meets the dashing Mr. Castor Worthington, she is swept away by his passion. Is he too good to be true?


Little does Miranda know that there is more to Castor than meets the eye. In fact, he’s a twin. Castor’s brother, also a confirmed bachelor, takes his romantic pursuits—and rivals—very seriously. When Castor discovers Miranda is being courted by his own twin, his competitive nature takes over. Who will be the one to win Miranda’s hand and heart? The race to say I do is about to begin…

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18) Out July 30

The Highlander's Desire


For Lachann, safeguarding his clan comes before life, limb, and especially love. A political marriage in Kilgorra will ensure that MacMillan lands are protected; so much the better that his bride doesn’t stir his blood. But what of the intriguing woman who arouses so much more . . . and lives in the very castle where Lachann is to wed?

A nna MacIver is content to serve in her stepfather’s household despite the cruelty of her stepsister, Catriona. She has a sanctuary to which she can escape and no romantic notions to impede good sense . . . until Catriona’s intended bridegroom arrives in Kilgorra and shows Anna the meaning of desire. Now, with a clan’s future hanging in the balance, Anna and Lachann must decide if love is a risk worth taking . . .

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19) Out July 30 *Book 1 in Wicked Widows series*

Why Dukes Say I Do



With her whirlwind social life in London, Lady Isabella Wharton has little interest in the customs of the country. But when her godmother asks her to pay a visit to her bachelor grandson in Yorkshire, Isabella can’t refuse. It behooves her to please the old dowager, since she harbors one of Isabella’s most scandalous secrets. So off she goes to see the newly-titled—and notoriously rustic—Duke of Ormond…


Trevor Carey doesn’t care about what goes on behind ballroom doors. He is content with the simple life—and isn’t ashamed to admit it to a society flirt like Lady Isabella. But the country air brings out a different side of Isabella—one full of longing and passion. Can her sophistication be hiding a desire for love? When a blackmailer from the city arrives to threaten Isabella, Trevor will shield her from harm—even travel to London. Can the duke tackle the ton on Isabella’s behalf …and manage to keep her all to himself?

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20) Out July 30 *Book 3 in London List series*

Lady Anne's Lover


Lady Imaculata Anne Egremont has appeared in the scandalous pages of the London List often enough. The reading public is so bored with her nonsense, she couldn’t make news now unless she took a vow of chastity. But behind her naughty hijinks is a terrible fear. It’s time the List helped her. With a quick scan through its job postings and a few whacks at her ridiculous name, she’s off to keep house for a bachelor veteran as plain Anne Mont.

Major Gareth Ripton-Jones is dangerously young and handsome on the face of it, but after losing his love and his arm in short order, he is also too deep in his cups to notice that his suspiciously young housekeeper is suspiciously terrible at keeping house. Until, that is, her sharp tongue and her burnt coffee penetrate even his misery—and the charm underneath surprises them both. Trust the worst cook in Wales to propose a most unexpected solution to his troubles…

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When Harry Met Molly by Kieran Kramer

Setting: Regency 1816


He’s always been a player.
Dashing Lord Harry Traemore is perfectly content to live out his days in the pursuit of pleasure. But when he’s named by the Prince Regent as one of society’s “Impossible Bachelors,” Harry is drafted into a ribald romantic wager. The rules of engagement are scandalously simple: The bachelor whose mistress wins the title of “Most Delectable Companion” gets to remain unmarried. Harry is utterly unconcerned about his status…until his latest lightskirt abandons him.

Who will win this game of love?
Enter Lady Molly Fairbanks. Harry’s childhood friend—actually, “foe” is more like it—is the most unlikely companion of all. She’s attractive but hot-headed, and in no mood for games. Besides, what could the self-indulgent Harry possibly know about what makes a woman delectable? It’s time for Molly to teach him a lesson once and for all…but will it lead to “happily ever after?”

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After seeing how many authors graced the front and back covers of Kieran Kramer’s new debut spouting all kinds of praise and hearing all the hype about her, I had high hopes for her first book to blow me away. Sadly, though the book had it’s moments, and wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t near to what I expected after reading all that praise. This was a light, funny, quite fun, easy read that sometimes dragged and was also very implausible. My biggest problem? Lack of chemistry between the hero and heroine.

At the very start, it is made clear that Harry and his sister-in-law Molly are enemies. Now, I’m a sucker for a good hate-to-love story (think Pride and Prejudice) but the romance here just felt underdeveloped. I just couldn’t see what drew these two together, except for how much they couldn’t stand (and then eventually lusted) for each other. It was one more moment I hate you then next moment I want you sooo bad! As a result, I didn’t feel particularly drawn to them and wasn’t going over the moon when it seemed they couldn’t be together.

As a hero, Harry was just ok, though I didn’t particularly feel drawn to him, like I do with other heroes. He was a bit bland for me. I did like Molly alot though and found her feisty and sweet nature thoroughly irresistible!

The storyline was entertaining though and very fresh. I couldn’t wait to see what would come next in the competition for the Most Delectable Companion. I also enjoyed the secondary characters, exp the other mistresses Molly meets who (as one would expect) had very modern personalities and were not that lady like.

However, I couldn’t get over how Molly was able to be Harry’s fake mistress and yet go home, reputation untarnished. It wasn’t very well explained and ruined the good storyline slightly as I kept wondering how.

So overall, a fun, light read that’s something new in the romance genre but there was a lack of chemistry between the hero and heroine, which is a bummer as it might have been brilliant!

Sensuality Rating: Hot (Love scenes are long and explicit)

Verdict: A fun, fresh read but suffers from lack of chemistry and an implausible premise

Rating: 3 and a half out of 5 stars

New Romances for March 2011!

Dun dun dun–New month, new romances! Enjoy a preview of what’s new…


1 ) OUT NOW-Kindle version available March 1st *Third in Scandal series*


If there is anything Tristan Adam Hargrove, fourth Marquis of Moreland, has learned to avoid, it’s scandal. For the dark and dashing lord is not only an honorable gentleman who would never seduce a woman for his own gain, he is also the author of How to Avoid a Scandal, the infamous red book that has swept like wildfire through the better part of London society.

When a raven-haired beauty arrives as his new neighbor, he knows better than to succumb to the desire he feels. He knows little about her—only that she is high born, a protégé of the Crown and completely unsuitable for the base passions he hides from the world. If only he had never glimpsed the vulnerable beauty one fateful night. If only her lips were not so ravishingly red. If only it were not already too late to save her and himself from the untamed passion he is about to unleash in the name of love.

Excerpt and more info:


2 ) Out March 1 *Second in Secrets series*


From the first glimpse he knew he must have her-even if only for a single night…

Powerful, ruthless, seductive-the lord of London’s underworld-Roman Merrick gets anything he wants…and he burns for Charlotte Chatsworth, a polished jewel in the glittering ton. So he engages her debt-ridden gambler father in a game of chance, wagering ten thousand pounds against one night with the man’s exquisite daughter. And Roman Merrick never loses.

But one night is never enough…

Charlotte is devastated to learn that her reprobate father has lost her in a card game to the most dangerous man she’s ever met. With the threat of ruin behind every corner, Charlotte embarks upon a perilous path with the man she can not forget. But in truth, it’s Roman who has everything to lose-for a game undertaken for pleasure alone soon has him gambling his heart. And love and passion unleashed could bring his great, dark empire tumbling down…

Excerpt and more info:


3 ) Out March 1



After seven years of battling for survival on a pirate ship, Kit Frazier returns to England to right a wrong and make peace with what he lost. But once in London, he finds himself unexpectedly at sea, caught in his swirling attraction to the beguiling and elusive Maddy.


Maddy will do anything to escape the desperate circumstances of her life, and helping her cousin Rose catch the man of her dreams seems an easy enough task–until Maddy meets the handsome pirate captain Kit. The dashing rogue has only two purposes: to rescue the boy in his care and to seduce Maddy into his bed.


With each heated encounter, Kit pulls Maddy off her stated course. But when treachery threatens them all, she will have to choose between a respectable future and wicked, wonderful seduction.


Excerpt and more info:


4 ) Out March 1


Youth and beauty are a courtesan’s greatest assets. At forty-one, Lady Ruth Attwood appears to have lost both, as her latest lover just abandoned her for a younger mistress. Struggling with the knowledge that she’s no longer considered desirable, she’s uncertain whether to be offended or flattered when a younger man makes her an unusual offer. In need of funds, she agrees. But then she does the unthinkable. She falls in love.

Despite his reputation as a man’s man, Baron Garrick Stratfield has never been with a woman. His physical impairment is such that he knows not even a whore will touch him, and he needs a mistress who’s willing to be kept without sharing his bed. But passion is just a delicious kiss away because his new mistress is wreaking havoc with his senses. Worse yet, someone is not only out to ruin his reputation, but frame him for murder.

Excerpt and more info:


5 ) Out March 1


One disastrous night

At twenty-one, Sebastian Goddard, heir to the duke of Roxbury, desperately sought diversion from a life smothered by peerage and position. His quest led him to one night of reckless passion, resulting in betrayal by his oldest friend Frederica Wells, and the discovery of his father’s darkest secret. Reeling from the devastation, he embarked on a ten-year debauch that well earned him the nickname–”Lord of Sin.”

One delicious bargain

Now Sebastian has returned to find his late father’s estate in ruins and Freddie more seductive than ever. He’s determined to drive her from Goddard Castle to pay her back for her deception and to protect his own dark secret. But Freddie makes him an offer he can’t resist…she’ll be his mistress for a month if he’ll consent to sell her the crumbling castle afterward.

Everything he could desire

The Lord of Sin plans to shock and scandalize Freddie—to tease her every desire and leave her wanting. But his fiery-willed lover soon teaches him the past may not be what it seemed, the present more tempting than he could have imagined, and the future filled with more promise than he dared dream. For thirty-one nights is not nearly enough when you’ve been given a license to do any wicked thing…

Excerpt and more info:


6 ) Out March 22 *Third in Willowmere Series*


When Oliver, Earl of Stewkesbury, asks the dashing Lady Vivian Carlyle to ensure that his American cousins meet the cream of London society, he doesn’t anticipate the danger she will pose to his own self-control. Thrown into intimate contact with the lovely lady, Oliver finds he cannot stop thinking of Vivian—of her wit, of her smile . . . of her lips.

And when Vivian, who has sworn never to subject herself to the bonds of matrimony, boldly suggests that she and Oliver become lovers instead, her scandalous proposal is temptation indeed! But with an alarming series of jewel thefts rocking London, the ever-outrageous Vivian insists on trying to discover the perpetrator despite Oliver’s admonitions. And when a bold lady steps into danger, it is a gentleman’s duty to protect her at all costs. What neither Oliver nor Vivian can anticipate, however, is that the ultimate cost may be both their hearts. . . .

Excerpt coming soon!

7 ) Out March 29 *Third in Inferno Club series*


She has loved him for as long as she can remember…

Once, she had vowed to marry the Earl of Falconridge. Now, she vows to forget him. After he abandoned her for a life of shrouded secrets, Mara, Lady Pierson, has succeeded in keeping him away, until he appears in London unexpectedly, making her fall in love all over again.

Forced back into Mara’s life by duty, the earl quickly stays for love. He has never forgotten this passionate beauty and never meant to break her heart. But their newfound happiness is endangered—because the Inferno Club demands much of its members, and his vital mission is exposing a deadly plot that could threaten their very lives.

Excerpt and more info:


8 ) Out March 29


She would marry no man . . .

Serena Carlyle dreams of a happily ever after. Firmly upon the shelf at twenty-five, instead she’s determined to find the perfect match for her beautiful younger sister. What better prospect than their neighbor, the wealthy, rakishly handsome Earl of Savege? Now Serena can beg his help in halting a local band of smugglers. Then, one night, stealing away from yet another disappointing ball, Serena finds herself trapped alone with a stranger . . .

Until he captured her—body and soul

His kiss was irresistible, his caress unforgettable, and he hides a devastating secret. A Robin Hood upon the sea, Alex Savege is the brazen pirate Redstone, seizing the yachts of spoiled noblemen to settle an old debt. Serena needs a hero, but her heart is in the gravest danger—for it is soon to be captured by a man as skilled at seduction as he is at plunder.

Excerpt coming soon!

9 ) Out March 29 *DEBUT*


If Lady Isobel Maitland is caught even speaking to an incorrigible rogue like the Marquess of Blackwood, she stands to lose everything she holds dear. Strict rules in her husband’s will ensure that if she remarries or even forms friendships her mother-in-law does not approve of, then she will never see her young son again. But one night, in a dark garden at a masquerade ball, Isobel gives in to temptation, and lets an innocent flirtation turn into seduction.

Phineas Archer, the notorious Marquess of Blackwood, may hold the reputation as the worst rake in London, but as a spy for the crown, he merely plays the role of a fool to learn the most closely guarded secrets of the ton.

As a new threat to England’s success in the war against Napoleon emerges, Phineas must foil a plot to kidnap the exiled Bourbon heir to the French crown. Every clue seems to lead to his mysterious lover, but while Phineas can spot trouble a mile off, and see through the cleverest of disguises, he cannot find any trace of his elusive femme fatale. No man alive would imagine the prim widow Maitland could be his dream lover. But behind the mask and the secrets, Isobel is everything Phineas has ever desired….

Excerpt and more info:


10 ) Out March 29 *Anthology*


We asked our readers what story they would most like to see from four bestselling authors. They responded . . .

A handsome hero returns from war, battle-scarred and world-weary. But family duty calls and he must find a bride.

A young lady facing yet another season without a suitor never expects to find herself the object of his affections.

It Happened One Season

Four amazing talents

Stephanie Laurens
Mary Balogh
Jacquie D’Alessandro
Candice Hern

have come together to create one of the most unforgettable events of the year. The results are spectacular—each story is as unique as a lover’s first kiss.

Read Mary Balogh’s excerpt:

Read Candice Hern’s excerpt:


Debut Author Kieran Kramer!

Hey, Readers!

After reading an interesting post on the Season blog, I came across a new name in romance that I simply had to check out! Voila! It’s time to introduce Kieran Kramer, a debut author with some very intriguing new books (the start of a new series!) coming out very soon…

The Books: (of the new series entitled The Impossible Bachelors)

Book One-When Harry Met Molly

Dashing Lord Harry Traemore is perfectly content to live out his days in the pursuit of pleasure. But when he’s named by the Prince Regent as one of society’s “Impossible Bachelors,” Harry is drafted into a ribald romantic wager. The rules of engagement are scandalously simple: The bachelor whose mistress wins the title of “Most Delectable Companion” gets to remain unmarried. Harry is utterly unconcerned about his status…until his latest lightskirt abandons him.

Who will win this game of love?
Enter Lady Molly Fairbanks. Harry’s childhood friend—actually, “foe” is more like it—is the most unlikely companion of all. She’s attractive but hot-headed, and in no mood for games. Besides, what could the self-indulgent Harry possibly know about what makes a woman delectable? It’s time for Molly to teach him a lesson once and for all…but will it lead to “happily ever after?”


Due in November 2010

Book Two-Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right

Most women would not be pleased to be labeled a spinster. But Lady Poppy Smith-Barnes isn’t most women. In fact, Poppy has invented an imaginary fiancé, the Duke of Drummond, to deter unwanted suitors. A very useful fellow, this duke, until the real Drummond turns up and uses Poppy’s ploy to trap her in a betrothal.

Will their passion make it real?
A good spy flies below the radar. Which is why being named one of the Prince Regent’s “Impossible Bachelors” is so inconvenient for Nicholas Staunton. Every society female will be out to ensnare him. Nicholas needs a fiancée—and Poppy’s ruse is the answer. How could he have known she’d be a brazen, sensual siren with an irresistible taste for adventure? Now nothing less will do than to convince his fiery Poppy to revoke her spinster status…for good.

Due in December 2010


Lovely covers and exciting stories! Sounds like these books will be romantic comedies reminiscent of Julia Quinn 🙂

November and December are already set to be awesome months!

My Reckless Surrender by Anna Campbell

Setting: 1827, Late Regency


Headlong into sin . . .

A well-practiced rake, weary of easy conquests and empty pleasures, Tarquin Vale, Earl of Ashcroft, knows women—and his every instinct warns him to beware of this one. Diana Carrick’s brazen overtures have thrown the haunted, sinfully handsome lord completely off his guard. Why, the exquisite temptress stated outright that she wishes to be his lover. But it is neither Diana’s boldness nor her beauty that intrigues him so—it is the innocence he senses behind her worldly mask.

Intent upon the seduction that will finally free her, Diana has set her sights on the notorious Ashcroft—never dreaming that there is much more to the enigmatic rogue than sin and deviltry. His kiss is bewitching, his caress intoxicating—and even the dangerous secret Diana must protect cannot shield her from Ashcroft’s dark allure.

Unwittingly yet most willingly, they are playing with fire. Now the fuse has been lit and there is no escape . . . except surrender.

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Anna Campbell is truly gifted. Every year she comes out with another book that’s just beyond amazing! Her books never feature characters that are the same or plot ideas that are repeated. Each book is a superbly crafted and complex piece of romance fiction that always leaves you satisfied.

What can I say about this book except that I completely and totally loved it? As a veteran romance reader, I’m used to what a usual romance novel entails but it takes a truly original novel to keep me hooked to the story. This was one of those books. I seriously  could not stop picking it up to read a little more and when I was not reading it, I was thinking about it. Now that’s a sure  sign a book is a hit 😉

The hero of the book is the dashing Tarquin Vale, who we meet and are introduced to as a rake with no principles. Naturally, it turns out that we’re wrong and he does have his own sense of honor and principles. The very first time he hid our heroine’s face in his coat to protect her identity, you just knew. I fell for him right along with Diana. And boyy, does that man know how to please a woman in bed 😉 I must have blushed at least a hundred times during the course of the book! He’s generous, kind, thoughtful, forgiving-a genuine jewel in disguise! He may be my favorite Campbell hero yet!

The heroine on the other hand is much harder to like. Once you discover how great Tarquin is, you can’t believe Diana would deceive him. Still, though there have been a lot of conflicting views on this point, I have to say that I felt an affinity with her and couldn’t completely hate her. It was hard to get over the fact that she sold her body for a house though. But after wards, I began to understand her and empathize with her. A very complex character but likable at the end of the day, I say.

When it comes to the writing, there’s no one like Anna Campbell to really get you into the mind of the characters. Though at times, the writing was a bit over the top and too wordy for my tastes, it was spot on and amazing when it came to divulging the characters’ thoughts and emotions. I felt like I really knew and understood these characters and I could place myself into their shoes. The plot was hooking and kept me interested the whole way. I have to say that I found the ending a bit rushed and cheesy though and personally I would have liked a little more groveling on the hero’s side. It was the book’s only flaw in my opinion that kept it from being perfection.

As for the love scenes… well it’s an Anna Campbell book. If your tastes don’t run to explicitly detailed and very long and spicy love scenes than you should probably stay away. There were alot of love scenes in the book but they weren’t gratuitous. Campbell doesn’t write sex just for sex’s sake. The love scenes had a purpose in the development of the plot, which made it ok for me as I usually don’t like too much sex. At times it did feel like the couple were into each other just for the sex. They had an undeniable sexual tension thoughout the book which was their relationship starting point.

Still, all in all a great, complex, hooking, well written romance novel that I would definitely read again. Can’t wait for Anna’s next!

Sensuality Level: EXPLICIT (Very detailed love scenes and numerous in number)

Verdict: Spicy and romantic, with an amazing hero and a plot so hooking, it will have you up all night!

Rating: 4 and a half out of 5 stars

Bits O’ Silk-Spotlight on Delilah Marvelle

I recently read a post about authors who are ‘below the radar’ meaning those authors that aren’t as well known in the romance world or are under-rated. This really struck a chord as there are some authors out there who deserve more recognition than they get. One author who is very wrongly under the radar is Delilah Marvelle.

Delilah Marvelle is an author who debuted her first book, Mistress of Pleasure in October 2008 as part of her School of Gallantry series.

I personally adored her novel and found it fresh, hilarious, witty and very sexy 😉

Her second book, Lord of Pleasure was just as good, if not better.  It is such a pity then that her series had to end there.

Her publisher had decided not to publish the remaining books in her series. I say this is due to a poor lack of advertising on the part of the company as I only heard of her book when I came across it randomly. I’m glad I did. Delilah’s books are among the best romances I have ever read!

Thankfully, she now has a new publisher (who recognizes her talent) and a new series that will be released next year! Even better, it’s a back to back release meaning we will get to enjoy one book each month, three months in a row!

The books in order and release date are:

Prelude to a Scandal (Jan 2011)
Once Upon a Scandal (Feb 2011)
The Perfect Scandal (March 2011)

So far the only bit of information on them is that it is a series connected by a book known as the How To Avoid A Scandal, written by an Unknown author.

You can sign up for Delilah’s newsletter to learn more.

Delilah also has a great historical blog that focuses on the naughty aspect of history also known as A Bit O’ Muslin (which is the Regency slang for a prostitute), the blog is entertaining and definitely contains a side of history you’ll never learn in a classroom! Posts include topics on dildoes, condoms, and even the secret dirtiness in Shakespeare’s plays! Posts are published on the 1st of every month. If you want an education you won’t forget, click on the link below to get started 🙂

Meanwhile, get a chance to check out Delilah’s first two books as I promise you won’t regret purchasing them. In contrast with her blog title, her books are real bits of  ‘Silk’ that deserve a place on every romance reader’s shelf.

I’m betting once her new series comes out, Delilah Marvelle will be a name every romance reader will have heard of.

So read her first two books and keep an eye out for her new series-cause it’ll be worth it. 😀

Seducing An Angel by Mary Balogh

Setting: Regency


He must be wealthy, wellborn, and want her more than he wants any other woman. Those are the conditions that must be met by the man Cassandra Belmont chooses for her lover. Marriage is out of the question for the destitute widow who stands accused of murdering her husband and must now barter her beauty in order to survive. With seduction in mind, she sets her sights on Stephen Huxtable, the irresistibly attractive Earl of Merton and London’s most eligible bachelor. But Stephen’s first intriguing glimpse of the mysterious, alluring Lady Paget convinces him that he has found the ideal woman to share his bed. There is only one caveat. This relationship fueled by mutual pleasure must be on his terms.

As the two warily circle each other in a sensual dance of attack and retreat, a single night of passion alters all the rules. Cassandra, whose reputation is already in tatters, is now in danger of losing the one thing she vowed never to give. And Stephen, who wants Cassandra more than he has ever wanted any woman, won’t rest until she has surrendered everything – not as his mistress – but as his lover and wife.

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This is book four of the Huxtable series.

I don’t know what it is about Mary Balogh books but they get me all the time, As soon as I bought this one (finally out in paperback after a year’s wait) I put it right at the top of my TBR list to be read immediately and for good reason.

Stephen Huxtable is the youngest of the four Huxtable siblings and throughout the first three books in the series, he was my favorite secondary character. It’s so refreshing to have a good hero for once instead of all the brooding, tortured heroes out there. Watching Stephen grow up was a pleasure and I couldn’t wait till he could get his own book. This book was the most anticipated for me. With such a charmed childhood, Stephen really hasn’t got anything to complain about and is in a word, ‘angelic’. He is handsome, outgoing, good-natured, friendly, honorable, and believes a relationship with a woman should be more than about sex.

Can we say swoon?! Oh yes we can!

Our heroine on the other hand, Cassie is the one with the problems. She’s been married for 10 long years to a brute of a husband and is now poor and sworn off all men. She decides to become a mistress so she can provide for herself and her friends who have come with her to London. When she sees the handsome and charming Stephen, she assumes he will be easy to manipulate as he has an innocence about him. So begins the seduction of an angel, which in this case, is the hero. An interesting turnabout as it’s always the angel of an heroine that the rakish hero wants to seduce.

I loved this book. I found Stephen to be wonderfully sweet and though people might find that dull, I personally found it refreshing. Don’t mistake Stephen though-He has strength in him. The journey that they both went on was touching and pulled at my heartstrings. Stephen is the perfect man for Cassandra who believes that all men are cruel and hateful. Cassandra is really not as deceiving as she appears and Stephen can see through her mask to the kind, brave, self-less woman underneath.

They made quite a pair and I loved every minute of their journey into happily ever after. It was worth the wait and in my opinion is the best of the series so far! It kept me entertained the whole time and the tension between Cassie and Stephen was very palpable.

Sensuality Level: Warm (The love scenes were not long and weren’t explicit)

Verdict: Bad girl meets good boy story written in true Balogh style. Not to be missed! This one goes on my re-read shelf!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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