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Ok, I know I’m supposed to be studying but couldn’t resist uploading this video I made a while back-love this BBC series to death and this couple is absolutely worthy of a post in my romance blog! What a delicious forbidden love romance 😉

Check out the video for yourself and if you want more info on the show, click on the picture below! 🙂

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Romances Coming in October 2012!

Another month is upon us! 😀

Strangely enough, this month sees lots of Christmas romances… Early present shopping perhaps? 😉

1) Out October 2 *Book 6 of Windham series* and *Book 3 in The Duke’s Daughters sub-series*


Louisa Windham’s fondest wish is to retire from the marital field so her sisters can find decent matches.

When Sir Joseph Carrington steps forward to defend Louisa’s honor, she instead find herself married to a man perceptive enough to discern the poet’s heart she keeps hidden beneath her scholarly reserve.

Though they are married, Louisa and Joseph still have to learn to trust their love for each other to defeat those who wish them ill, and to ensure their union results in the happily ever after they both deserve.

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2) Out October 2 *Book 3 in Beau Monde Bachelor series*


Captain Daniel Hillary’s ship is the only one sailing from New Orleans to England, and Lisette Lavigne is bound and determined to be on it! Desperate to save her brother from being thrown into an asylum and to escape her devious fiancĂ©, Lisette offers to pay Daniel any price for safe passage — even if it means warming his bed.

Daniel never allows women on his ship, but Lisette’s exotic beauty and spirited nature convinces him that rules are made to be broken. He had no idea that this decision would lead to a hasty marriage, an enraged pursuit by the jilted fiancĂ©, or a dangerous blackmail scheme that could cost him everyone he loves…

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3) Out October 2 *Stand alone*


When Major Lucas Stanton inherited his earldom, he never dreamed his property would include the previous earl’s granddaughter. Phoebe Linville is a sparkling American beauty, yes, but with a talent for getting into trouble. Witness the compromising position that forced them into wedlock. Whisked away to Mistletoe Manor, his country estate, it isn’t long before she is challenging his rules—and surprising him in and out of bed

Phoebe has no intention of bowing to Lucas’s stubbornness even though he offers all that she wants. His kisses and unexpected warmth are enticing, but Phoebe is determined to show the Earl of Merritt what real love is all about. And if that takes twelve nights of delicious seduction by a roaring fire, she’s more than willing to reveal her gifts very slowly

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4) Out October 2


Alexander Edgware, Lord Xavier, has quite a reputation—for daring, wagering, and wickedness in all its delightful forms. But the wager before him is hardly his preferred sport: Xavier must persuade a proper young lady to attend his famously naughty Christmas house party—and stay the full, ruinous two weeks. Worse, the lady is Louisa Oliver, a doe-eyed bookworm Xavier finds quite charming. Yet to refuse the challenge is impossible—he will simply have to appoint himself Miss Oliver’s protector

Louisa knows her chance for a husband has passed. But she has no desire to retire into spinsterhood without enjoying a few grand adventures first. When Lord Xavier’s invitation arrives, Louisa is more intrigued than insulted. And once inside the rogues’ gallery, she just may have a thing or two to teach her gentlemen friends about daring

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5) Out October 2


For some, virtue is a vice 

As the illegitimate daughter of a scandalous woman, Miss Anna Rees is almost as well known for having been raised in the hedonistic demimonde as she is for her quiet nature. Anna longs to leave behind her mother’s world of courtesans
until she unexpectedly meets the handsome, charming and decidedly wicked Lord Dane.  If only she could convince him to join her in search of respectability. . . 

For him, vice is a virtue

Viscount Maximilian Dane is perfectly content being a rake. After years of obeying the dictates of proper society–with disastrous results–he stopped following the ton’s ridiculous rules, and he sees no reason to begin courting respectability anew. Except that it may be the only way for him to win the lovely and fascinating Miss Anna Rees—if only he could convince her that the grass is greener on the wicked side of the fence. . .

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6) Out October 2 *Book 3 in Fitzhugh Trilogy*


Helena Fitzhugh understands perfectly well that she would be ruined should her secret love affair be discovered. But when a rendezvous goes wrong and she is about to be caught in the act, it is only with the greatest reluctance that she accepts help from David Hillsborough, Viscount Hastings, and announces that she has eloped with David.

For Helena has despised David since they were children—the notorious rake has tormented her all her life. David, on the other hand, has always loved Helena . His pride, however, will never let him admit the secrets of his heart.

A carriage accident the day after their “elopement,” however, robs Helena of her memory. The slate is wiped clean. At last David dares to bare his love and she finds him both fascinating and desirable. But what will happen when her memory returns and she realizes she has fallen for a man she has sworn never to trust?

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7) Out October 16 *HARDCOVER*


Camille, Lady Lydingham, knows precisely what she wants for Christmas—an official engagement to a handsome, dashing prince. Her very proper suitor expects a proper English family and the perfect Dickensian Christmas, which leaves the lovely widow with a slight problem. The last thing Camille wants is for the prince to meet her unconventional relatives. But with the aid of a troupe of actors, Camille intends to pull off a Christmas deception of massive proportions.

At least until Grayson Elliott shows up. A dozen years ago, he declared his love on the day before her marriage to another man, then vanished from her life. Now he’s back, gate-crashing Camille’ s already chaotic house party, playing havoc with her scheme—and with her heart. Because for Grayson, losing Camille once was bad enough. Losing her twice? Unthinkable. And he’ll find a way to show her they belong together—for this season and every Christmas yet to come

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8) Out October 16 *Anthology*


Three Regency Christmases to remember

An Earl Beneath the Mistletoe by Louise Allen

Hugo, Earl of Burnham, hates Christmas! Snowbound in widow Emilia Weston’s cozy alehouse, with her young twins, he’s surrounded by festive preparations. Hugo’s cynical heart is in danger of being melted
. How much longer can he avoid the mistletoe?

Twelfth Night Proposal by Lucy Ashford

Leaving London to claim his newly inherited estate, Theo Dalbury finds remote Derbyshire as foreign to him as his feelings for country girl Jenna. Christmas evokes painful memories for him, but Jenna is bringing out his festive spirit
and will give him a yuletide that he’ll never forget!

Christmas at Oakhurst Manor by Joanna Fulford

Vivien Hastings is looking forward to a quiet Christmas at Oakhurst Manor, until she realizes she’ll be sharing it with Max Calderwood. It’s been years since he broke her heart, but one hot glance from his cool gray eyes shows her that she’s just as vulnerable to him as she ever was

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9) Out October 16 *Book 3 in Rakes Beyond Redemption series*


With his comrade rakes-in-arms succumbing to respectability, anyone might think that wicked Riordan Barrett is next. But such happy endings aren’t for him—the whole of society knows there isn’t a redeemable bone in his sinfully sexy body.

Suddenly Riordan finds himself not only an earl
but father to two young wards! His only experience is in the art of irresponsibility.

This rake needs help—and hiring a young, pretty governess won’t be such a hardship!

Sweet, innocent Maura Caulfield is the only lady in London seemingly unaware of Riordan’s disreputable ways. But it won’t stay like that for long. He’ll show her just how much fun sinning can be

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10) Out October 23


Lady Harriet Devere travels to Oxfordshire with her two younger siblings for their annual family holiday gathering. Now orphaned, the trio has recently lost their eldest brother Nicholas, who died serving his country in battle. Before his death, Nicholas had entrusted Harriet with a secret: he was working as a British spy, recruited to follow in their father’s footsteps.

Nicholas uses Harriet as an accomplice, expecting her to relay simple messages to his contacts while he was abroad. After his death, Harriet is suddenly asked to fulfill a request much more in-depth than those of the past. 

Harriet must keep an eye on Julius Forsythe, Earl of Marbury, who, while also a spy for the British, is believed to be a double agent also working for the French. Harriet is expected to follow his every move to determine his status as a traitor. But before long, she begins to admire the Earl, and her romantic feelings are reciprocated. As the adventure unfolds, Harriet must do her best to honor the wish of her dearly loved brother, while attempting to keep the man she loves from harm.

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11) Out October 23 * Anthology*


A Lady of Expectations 
Jack Lester seeks the perfect bride—one who is attractive and kind, but who also loves him in spite of his wealth. Which is why he keeps this trifling detail hidden. But when Sophie Winterton enters his life, believing he must marry into wealth to run his family’s estate, how will he convince her that she is the woman he desires—and that he can be the husband she deserves?

Secrets of a Courtesan 
Eve Nightingale thought she had put her past as mistress to the Duke of Welburn behind her. But when the handsome duke strolls into her small village, she finds it hard to keep her secrets concealed
and to keep her heart from stirring for him once again.

How to Woo a Spinster 
Still unmarried at twenty-eight, Lady Emmaline Daughtry has resigned herself to spinsterhood. Then Captain John Alistair arrives at her door—the very image of the perfect lover of her most private dreams. But can a man with a secret and a woman who’s never known love find happiness together?

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12) Out October 30 *Book 1 in Dangerous Rogues series*



Leo Harrow, Earl of Barrington, is a regular subject of the scandal rags. Once an unrepentant pleasure seeker, he knows that young ladies are warned to look the other way when he enters a room. But when he comes face to face with a woman from his past—the one that got away—he will do anything to keep the rumors about him at bay. Or risk losing her forever


Genevieve Camden is no stranger to Leo’s seductive ways. Years ago she was fooled into believing that he cared about her
and now that he’s back on the ballroom floor, he appears to be making amends. But this time Genny knows better: A scoundrel never changes his stripes—not even one as charming and handsome as Leo. Unless maybe he’s been in love with her all along

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13) Out October 30 *Book 7 in Pennyroyal Green series*


She rose to spectacular heights

From Covent Garden to courtesan to countess, beautiful, fearless, shamelessly ambitious Evie Duggan has riveted London in every role she plays. But the ton never could forgive her scandalous —if shockingly short—marriage, and when her star plummets amid gleefully vicious gossip, the countess escapes to the only legacy left to her: a manor house in Pennyroyal Green.

He never expected to fall so hard

He has the face of a fallen angel and a smolder the devil would envy, but Vicar Adam Sylvaine walks a precarious line: resisting temptation
and the wild Eversea blood in his veins. Adam’s strength is tested when scandal, aka the countess, moves to Sussex. But when a woman who fiercely guards her heart and a man entrusted with the souls of an entire town surrender to a forbidden desire, will the sweetest sin lead them to Heaven…or make outcasts of them forever?

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14) Out October 30 *Book 2 in The Royal Trilogy*


She’s engaged to be married—to the wrong man

Leopold Hunt, Marquess of Cavanaugh, is a secret Royalist with a distant hereditary claim to the throne.  He has been groomed to one day overthrow the king and rebuild his family’s dynasty. Only one thing stands in his way: the king’s daughter, Rose.

Princess in Love

Princess Rose has loved the marquess her entire life, but she is about to enter a political marriage—one that promises to help keep her father in power. There is virtually no way for Rose to escape her fate
yet she cannot resist the unstoppable passion she feels in the arms of the handsome and charming marquess.   When a dangerous plot unfolds and puts their love to the ultimate test–Leopold must make a desperate choice: To honor his family or follow his heart

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15) Out October 30 *Book 2 in The Chatten Curse series*


“If love means death . . . is it worth the price?”

Portia Maclean believes she is beyond love and marriage. Then one moonlit night, while attempting a daring masquerade in a desperate bid to protect her family, she finds herself swept off her feet by a powerful stranger. But what will he do once he discovers she has betrayed him?

Harry Chattan is fighting for his family. For two hundred years the Chattan men have been destroyed by love . . . and now he’s come to Scotland on the hunt for a witch to break the curse. Instead he finds himself bewitched by Portia. Harry has vowed to fight the demons that torture him.

But will that battle destroy her as well?

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16) Out October 30 *HARDCOVER*


Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, has led an unabashed rogue’s life, letting no woman near his heart. Inexplicably abandoned as a child to be raised by distant relatives, he never forgave his parents, refusing to read any of his mother’s letters after his father’s death. Then came a letter that shook his resolve. A Christmas visit to Montcliff might prove his last chance to discover the truth of his past, and come to terms with the stranger he calls “Mother.”

But two surprises await him at Montcliff. His mother is perfectly healthy, nowhere near a deathbed, as her meddling lady’s companion led him to believe. The second is Camilla Stuart herself, a lively vicar’s widow, too bright and beautiful not to arouse the scoundrel in Pierce. Though she alone is reason enough to prolong his stay, he is soon faced with other tantalizing riddles: What secrets lie in his mother’s past to explain his childhood abandonment? Why is the captivating Mrs. Stuart so determined to mend the breach between mother and son? Meanwhile,

Camilla herself is caught up in love’s complications since the arrival of the irresistible earl. As his bold flirtation and suggestive whispers draw her dangerously close, can anything protect her vulnerable heart? If they are destined to share real happiness, there must be honesty between them—yet telling him the truth about her own life may shatter that chance.

None of them can predict the startling revelations to come. Or the secrets, both heartening and shocking, divulged between a mother and son, and between two lovers haunted by their respective pasts, that will make Christmas night at Montcliff one to remember—and the glorious night after, one to treasure for a lifetime.

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17) Out October 30 *Book 4 in Writing Girls series*


He’s the only man she’s ever loved

For ages it seems advice columnist Annabelle Swift has loved Derek Knightly, editor-owner of The London Weekly from a distance. Determined to finally attract her employer’s attention, she seeks advice from her loyal readers—who offer Annabelle myriad suggestions
from lower-cut bodices (success!) and sultry gazes (disaster!) to a surprise midnight rendezvous (wicked!).

She’s the only woman he’s never noticed

Derek never really took note of his shy, wallflower lady writer. But suddenly she’s exquisite
and he can’t get Annabelle out of his mind! She must be pursuing someone, but who? For some inexplicable reason, the thought of her with another man makes Knightly insanely jealous.

Will Dear Annabelle find her happy ending?

But Knightly’s scandalous periodical has been targeted for destruction by a vengeful Lord Marsden, and the beleaguered editor now faces a devastating choice: either marry Marsden’s sister to save his beloved newspaper
or follow his heart and wed his Writing Girl.

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18) Out October 30 *Book 4 in Husband Hunters Club series (LAST BOOK!)


Clementina Smythe is in love with Lord Horace Gilfoyle.or rather, she is certain she could learn to love him. Tina simply cannot admit to her fellow Husband Hunters Club members that the only reason she has set her cap on the old family friend is because her family is in desperate straits. Now only to convince Horace that she is a woman to be loved.

When the devilish chit approaches Richard Eversham about schooling her in the art of seduction, he is more than a little intrigued. But when he learns her intended target, he can’t refuse. For behind Richard’s rakish mask is a government agent after a villain who calls himself “the captain,” and Richard has reason to believe that man is Gilfoyle.

As the tutoring sessions give way to so much more, Tina knows she can no longer settle for anyone other than Richard. But “the captain” is moving against them and soon Richard will have to reveal his true identity, if he is to save the woman he loves.

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Sneak Peek of Delilah Marvelle’s Book Trailer for Forever a Lord!

Who else can’t wait to read the reveal of the trilogy long mystery in Delilah’s Rumor series?!

The book trailer is due to be out soon featuring real people all dressed up in Regency garb, a horse and carriage, a boxing scene and Delilah’s husband in a tophat? :0

Check out the 3 minute clip below to wet your appetite….

Direct Link:

Cover for The Temptation Of Your Touch by Teresa Medeiros

Yeeee! 😀

Love it when new covers are revealed, especially for books I’m dying to read 😉

Check out the cover for The Temptation of Your Touch, the sequel to Teresa’s bestseller The Pleasure Of Your Kiss!

Click cover for more info!


Maximillian Burke has always prided himself on being the man every mother would want her daughter to marry. But after his scoundrel of a brother makes off with Max’s bride, Max discovers it’s more satisfying to be a rogue than the perfect gentleman. Forced to flee London after a duel gone wrong, Max seeks refuge at Cadgwyck Manor on the lonely coast of Cornwall, a place as wild and savage as his current temper. The tumbledown manor comes complete with its own ghost but oddly enough, it’s not the White Lady of Cadgwyck who begins to haunt Max’s heated dreams but his no-nonsense housekeeper.

The last thing prim and proper housekeeper Anne Spencer needs is a new master, especially one as brooding and gorgeous as the Earl of Dravenwood. Even as she schemes to be rid of him, she finds herself irresistibly drawn into his strong, muscular arms. When Max vows to solve the mystery of Cadgwyck’s ghost, he doesn’t realize it will put both of their hearts at risk and tempt them to surrender to a pleasure as delicious as it is dangerous.


Who else is dying to read this story of a good man gone bad? 😉

Comment below!

The Accidental Wedding by Anne Gracie

Setting: Regency 1819


When Nash Renfrew wakes in the bed of lovely Maddy Woodford, he has no memory. In the days following his accident, he is charmed by her bright outlook on life, but he lives for the nights, when she joins him chastely-more or less-in her bed. When his memory returns, Nash asks for just one more night before he leaves. But it’s one night too many and it creates a scandal that leaves him no choice but to offer her marriage. 

With five orphaned half-siblings in her charge, Maddy needs the security Nash offers and can’t resist the promise of passion she’s experienced in his embrace. Well born, but poverty-stricken, Maddy knows she’s not the wife he planned on, but he’s everything she’s ever dreamed of. 

But will passion be enough? He’s a diplomat who knows Czars and Princes and Grand-dukes and she’s just a country girl who’s never even been to a ball. 

Can their new-found love survive, or will this accidental marriage destroy her dreams and his career?

Click cover for more info!


Anne Gracie pens another great romance full of tension and emotion. Despite my initial caution over the done-to-death premise, this book ended up being quite a winner!

Anne takes the usual amnesia plot and gives it a fresh twist. The hero is a famous and wealthy diplomat who falls off his horse, hits his head and ends up in the care of a young, impoverished woman with-wait for it-five children under her care. Not exactly the most perfect of matches. Of course the romance would have only worked if he had hit his head and forgotten his own name.

Amnesia plots are one of the most used romance tropes so I thought there could be nothing new in the telling of this story, but I put my faith in Anne’s storytelling abilities. And I’m glad I did because even though the story was too predictable, the characters and the interactions between them made me keep reading. First off, the wonderful heroine Maddy Woodford who’s worked her hard her whole life and is pretty much Cinderella, except with five young siblings. I love how she’s strong, determined and optimistic and yet vulnerable in the sense that she’s been alone for too long. Nash was a great hero too, willing to protect Maddy even though all he wants to do is take her to his bed. 😉 These two were adorable and great together and you just couldn’t help but root for them.

And the children! How adorable they were! They really added to the flavor of the book and I enjoyed reading their interactions with the hero. There’s also a dash of mystery too in a mysterious person who wants to boot Maddy out of her home.

It takes place in the country in England, so not a very exotic setting. And even though Nash is a diplomat, most of the action happens in and around Maddy’s cottage. But Anne’s skill as a storyteller and her great characters made this book hard to put down. There’s a lot of emotion and tension in the books reminiscent of Mary Balogh, only it’s a lot more spicy 😛

Pick this one up if you get the chance. It’s a great alternative on a lazy afternoon. Just don’t start it at night! 😀

Sensuality Rating: Hot ;)

Verdict: Give this one a shot! It’s worth it!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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