Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea by Sophia Nash

Setting: Regency


Six Regency heroes—One royal hangover

An infamous night has been lost to memory. The scandalous Dukes of the Royal Entourage must make amends. The first step is a heroic rescue.

One of England’s most disreputable peers, Alexander Barclay, Duke of Kress, has stumbled upon a perfect opportunity for redemption. Having been exiled to Cornwall by the Prince Regent himself, Barclay discovers lovely Roxanne Vanderhaven clinging to the edge of a cliff, stranded there by her murderous blackguard of a husband . . . just waiting to be rescued.

Back on solid ground, Roxanne is desperate for a new life— once she’s retaliated for her husband’s despicable actions. Surprisingly, she finds herself drawn to her unlikely champion, certainly the last man in England she could count on. Yet, the infamous Duke of Kress isn’t quite the scoundrel he seems . . .

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The Hangover set in the Regency? Sounds like one hell of a ride doesn’t it? Sophia begins her exciting new series with the story of Alex, the duke whose smuggled alcohol caused the biggest royal scandal of the era! Alex also ends up losing his fortune and as a result is commanded by the Prince Regent to seek out a rich respectable heiress in order to make amends.

Enter Roxanne Vanderhaven, a married woman with no fortune at all whose husband tries to kill her by leaving her dangling on the side of a cliff. Clearly, these two have a long way to go before they find their happily ever after! But it’s well worth a read as you’ll discover in this lighthearted, witty tale of two people who never expected to find love.

Sophia Nash is a new author for me and one I can now say will become one of my must-reads. She has this great sense of comedic timing and the dialogue in the book is full of witty, tongue in cheek humor. It was also fast-paced and very engaging. However, some readers may find the plot a bit far-fetched if traditional Regencies are more your thing.

I will say though that I wish there had been more focus on Alex and Roxanne’s blooming relationship then the drama surrounding the murderous husband. I felt the characters weren’t fleshed out enough and seemed like your typical HR hero prototypes. I did like Roxanne a lot though and found her witty comments one of the highlights of the novel.

Other than that, the book thrived on the witty dialogue and the fresh, albeit slightly improbable plot line. If you like your romances less traditional and more adventurous than you’ll love this.

This is a great light read that will definitely brighten up your day!

Sensuality rating-Hot 😉

Verdict: Fun and witty read! Recommended!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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