I’m Back! (Sort of)

Dear Readers,

After about 5 months of no posting, (sorry, no good reason for that other than I was just enjoying a nice graduation holiday), I’ve decided to re-start the blog… only on a much smaller basis. I’ll still be reviewing books from time to time but now that I’ve started a full time job, expect a lot less updates. Hope you will still continue to support the blog and sorry that I am no longer able to give it the time it needs.


Historical Romance Addicts

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Parade’s End: The new Downton Abbey?

Parade’s End DVD cover

Click cover for BBC page!

Have any of you guys seen the new BBC/HBO production Parade’s End?

I don’t know about you but this is fast becoming one of my favourite period mini-series! Set during the Edwardian era and the First World War, this epic period drama centers around a wealthy aristocrat Christopher Tietjens (played beautifully by Benedict Cumberbatch) and his loveless marriage to the beautiful but cold, destructive Sylvia (played by the stunning Rebecca Hall). Things escalate when a young suffragette walks in to Christopher’s life, challenging his ideals and his loyalty to his wife.

Downton Abbey comes to mind when watching the trailer for this series but despite appearances, Parade’s End is not much like the beloved ITV hit. Well apart from the setting and the costumes of course. But where Downton only skims the surface of the more serious issues of that time including the decline of the aristocracy, Parade’s End goes deeper, delving on more philosophical and thought provoking ideas of what makes someone a good person and what duty means to each person. The characters are also not as clean cut good or evil and you never know what you can expect as it will go from calm seas to explosive drama all within a single scene. Of course there are still beautiful sets and costumes to drool over and the acting is top notch as expected.

So is it better than Downton Abbey? Still a bit too early too tell but so far it’s great in a different way. Less high tea polite chats and more dramatic and provocative, with some very original, intriguing characters. There’s no security of a happy ending either, unlike Downton.

Currently two episodes have aired and both have been amazing in my humble opinion. Looks like things will get more gritty in the next few eps with the war starting. Beautifully shot and directed by Susanna White with a great screenplay by renowned Tom Stoppard, this BBC production is not to be missed. Try it out for yourself!

Check out the trailer:

And here’s a great look at the making of:

Caroline Linden’s New Book Cover!

Another stunning cover and a sneak peek of her next book in The Truth About the Duke series! 😀

Amazon.com says:

“Historical romance readers can’t wait to learn The Truth about the Duke, Caroline Linden’s wonderful series about three English brothers on a quest to restore their family name, seek their fortunes, and find true love. The Way to a Duke’s Heart is the thrilling final chapter, as a charming, pleasure-seeking nobleman takes on the serious business of uncovering a blackmailer, and enlists the help of a beautiful, no-nonsense businesswoman who, against her better judgment, finds herself falling for the rake.”

Sounds yummy right? 😀


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Great Expectations 2011 Music Video

Just recently watched the new BBC version and LOVED it! 😀 Captured the spirit of the book and managed to add some extra loveliness!

Naturally I loved the main couple (Pip and Estella) and as this is a Historical Romance site, I figured it would be within my rights to post this here. And hey, a little self-promotion can’t hurt, can it? 😉

So here’s my little tribute to one of literature’s best couples 😉
Enjoy, share and tell me what you think below!

For more information on this program, click here!

Flying to Bangkok today!

Hey Romance Addicts! 😀

Will be flying back to Bangkok, my hometown, today! Just wanted to say I love you all and thank you for viewing my blog.

Look forward to more great posts coming soon, including next month’s list of new romances! 😉

P.S. Reading Eloisa James’s A Kiss At Midnight and it’s looking to be a five star read. A prince, witty banter, hilarious characters-the perfect plane ride read! Will give you the full review when I’m back!

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More Debut Romance Authors in 2012!

First Cecilia Grant and Manda Collins… Next year is a great year for debut romances! Check out the latest exciting new authors set to hit bookstores next year…

1) Heather Snow

Veiled Seduction series Book 1

I am in LOVE with that cover! And boy, does it sound like a good read! 😀

Click cover for more info!


Geoffrey Wentworth, a war hero and rising political star, never wanted to be the Earl, but when his brother dies, he knows his duty—take up the responsibility for his family’s estates.  His mother’s definition of duty differs from his, however, and can be summed up in one word—heirs.  When Geoffrey rushes home to answer her urgent summons, he finds himself host to a house full of women, all vying to become the next Countess of Stratford.  But his love is Parliament, where he wields his influence and reputation to better the lives of ex-soldiers, until a tempting houseguest and a secret from his past threaten his freedom…and his heart.

Liliana Claremont, a brilliant chemist, doesn’t want to be any man’s wife, much less a Countess.  If she had tuppence for every time she’d been told her place was filling the nursery, not experimenting in the laboratory, she could buy the Tower Bridge.  However, when she receives a coveted invitation to the Earl’s house party, she trades in her beakers for ball gowns and gladly takes on the guise of husband hunter—for the chance to uncover what the Earl had to do with the murder of her father.

Liliana believes the best way to get the answers she needs is to keep her enemy close, though romance is not part of her formula.  But it only takes one kiss to start a reaction she can’t control…




2) Jillian Stone

An explosive mix of romance and mystery…

Introducing The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series!

Click cover for more info!


London 1887

Part stoic gentleman, part fearless     Yard man, Zeno “Zak” Kennedy is an enigma of the first order. For years, the memory of a deadly bombing at King’s Cross has haunted the brilliant Scotland Yard detective. His investigation has zeroed in on a ring of aristocratic rebels whose  

bloody campaign for Irish revolution is terrorizing the city. When he discovers one of the treacherous lords is acquainted with his free-spirited new tenant, Cassandra St. Cloud, his inquiry pulls him unexpectedly close to the heart of the conspiracy and into the arms of a most intriguing lady.

     And Cassie is no Victorian prude. An Impressionist painter with very modern ideas about life and love, she is eager for a romantic escapade that is daring and discreet. She sets her sights on her dour but handsome landlord, but after she learns their meeting was not purely accidental, she hardly has a chance to forgive her lover before their passionate affair catapults them both into a perilous adventure.



3) Samantha Grace

New Regency Historical Romance series!

Click cover for more info!


There’s no taming the wicked. Jaded heiress Lana Hillary learned this lesson the hard way when the dashing man of her dreams turned out to be a lying scoundrel. With two Seasons behind her and the memory of his betrayal still fresh in her mind, Lana seeks a match with a respectable gent. But why must they all be so properly boring? Unable to rein in her bold nature for long, Lana flirts with trouble and finds herself entangled with the exact type of man she’s vowed to avoid.

Love ‘em-and- leave ‘em Lord Andrew Forest lives for pleasure and offers no apologies. But he receives a dose of his own medicine when his family’s innocent houseguest beds him then disappears without a by your leave. Rejected by the most captivating woman in England, Drew is determined to intercept Lana Hillary before she reaches London and convince her to marry him. Then he’ll teach the little vixen a thing or two about how to love a man.



Mark your calendars! 😀

Exciting News Plus Update!

My, it’s been a pretty exciting week for me-turning 20 and all! Not sure if I feel ready to be that old, but hey, some things in life simply take some getting used to.

My dear friend, Delilah, will be sending her third book for me to review, which is a huge deal as I simply adore her books and getting a free signed copy is like a dream come true. The Perfect Scandal, which is out now, features her first virgin hero, and is sure to be instant hit!


If there is anything Tristan Adam Hargrove, fourth Marquis of Moreland, has learned to avoid, it’s scandal. For the dark and dashing lord is not only an honorable gentleman who would never seduce a woman for his own gain, he is also the author of How to Avoid a Scandal, the infamous red book that has swept like wildfire through the better part of London society.

When a raven-haired beauty arrives as his new neighbor, he knows better than to succumb to the desire he feels. He knows little about her—only that she is high born, a protégé of the Crown and completely unsuitable for the base passions he hides from the world. If only he had never glimpsed the vulnerable beauty one fateful night. If only her lips were not so ravishingly red. If only it were not already too late to save her and himself from the untamed passion he is about to unleash in the name of love.


In case you all haven’t noticed yet, I have added a new little category to my site called Five *Starred* Romances. This is to make it easier for those of you who want the name of a great romance and you don’t have time to sift through all my reviews to look for one. Go to the right hand side and look under categories or click thew link below to start browsing the top rated romances.


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